Letters to the editor

April 16, 2004

Americans are killing themselves

To the editor:

Decades ago, Nikita Khrushchev made the statement that "America would kill itself." At the time, I thought he didn't know what he was talking about. However, over the past 20 years, our country has gone downhill in many, many ways.

One of our problems is the pollution we have inflicted upon our land, waters, air and ourselves. Just ride down the road. Or better yet, walk down any road and take a look at the trash thrown everywhere. If we were proud of our country, we would never throw trash out but instead discard it properly, as we were taught as small children.

A major killer is drug abuse. Alcohol is still a killer, but other drugs such as cocaine, heroin, etc. have put it in the back seat. Every day there are countless deaths caused by drugs, and the ages of the victims get younger every day. Mothers deliver beautiful, healthy babies and within 15 to 20 years an enormous number of these loved ones are gone forever because of drugs.


Many have said that Robert E. Lee, without question, was one of the purest human examples of Christian manhood America has ever produced. Most who met Lee were greatly affected by his character, humility and personal piety. I will close with a quote from Robert E. Lee, "Abstinence from spirituous liquors is the best safeguard of morals and health."

We must all preserve and love our country along with our health. Every morning when rising from bed, make it your goal to do something that will once again make our land America the Beautiful.

Vicki Eccard
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Reese wrong again

To the editor:

I am still waiting to see those pro-Israel commentaries you promised to print to balance Charley Reese's anti-Israel columns. You may also wish to print a corrections column exclusively for Reese as well.

A recent column referred to Jessica Lynch as, "the young West Virginia girl who was made a celebrity and given a medal for bravery even though she herself had never fired a weapon and was knocked unconscious by a vehicle crash."

Reese neglected to mention that Private Lynch could not fire her rifle because it jammed, that the vehicle crash was caused by being hit with a rocket-propelled grenade, or that, despite grave wounds, Private Lynch never lost her nerve as she waited for the rescue she was sure would come.

Reese calls such a soldier a "girl." He transforms an ambush into a "vehicle crash."

If Reese thinks Jessica Lynch doesn't deserve her medal, he ought to say it plainly.

What possible motive could Reese have for distorting his account of a soldier who did all our country could ask of her?

Doug Delmont
Waynesboro, Pa.

Vote yes on W.Va. school bond

To the editor:

I urge the voters of Jefferson County, W.Va., to vote yes on the $19 million school bond on Tuesday, May 11.

The money will be invested in our community to completely renovate Jefferson High and to build a second high school with a science and technology center. The total cost of the two projects will be $47 million, but $28 million already has been secured and will be released to the county when the bond passes.

Jefferson County property owners will pay for the bond over the next 16 years. If your home can sell for $100,000, your share of the bond will be about $50 per year. The cost is even less if you have a homestead exemption - about a $36 increase in taxes if your home is worth $100,000.

Good schools are the foundation for a healthy community, for economic growth, for strong property values, for quality of life - all things we cherish here in Jefferson County.

Voting "yes" for the school bond is a small price to pay for a strong community and is not a heavy burden on the wallet. It's our community, our schools. Vote yes.

Jody Ebbitt
Shepherdstown, W.Va.

Tannery workers get skinned again

To the editor:

Here we are - former GST workers getting kicked again. It is puzzling to me what the union and the company thought was fair to us employees. They decided that if we didn't work until Jan. 30, 2004, you would not get any severance pay, or TSI money, as they call it, regardless as to how many years you worked there.

The point I am trying to make is someone who had 14 or 15 years in and got laid off before Jan. 30 received no severance pay.

A person who has worked four years received severance pay because they could work until that date. How is this fair? Someone please tell me! Everyone who has lost his or her job at the tannery should get severance pay!

Mary Patton
Krista Suder, and others

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