BFI awarded contract

April 14, 2004|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

BFI will continue to haul Williamsport's trash and recyclables for at least three more years, the Town Council decided in a split vote Monday.

BFI, which has an office in Hagerstown, didn't submit the lowest of six bids, according to a worksheet prepared by Clerk/Treasurer Bonnie J. Errico.

However, the Town Council agreed to chop almost 20 percent off BFI's bid - the cost of year-round yard waste collection - then awarded BFI the contract by a 4-2 vote.


Mayor John W. Slayman and four council members agreed that yard waste needs to be collected during lawn-mowing and leaf-raking seasons, but not all year.

Assistant Mayor Walter W. Tracy Jr. and Councilwoman Roxann L. Long voted no.

"If we're gonna take yard waste out of one, we've got to take it out of all before we make a decision," Long said.

Errico's worksheet showed that Blue Ridge Inc. of Hagers- town bid $312,000 for three years, including year-round yard waste pickup.

BFI's three-year bid was $312,501.60, including seven months of yard waste collection, or $338,601.60, with year-round yard waste collection.

After some deliberation, council members decided on BFI - but only after eliminating $62,640, the cost of year-round yard waste service.

The three-year cost of the BFI contract will be $275,961.60, according to Errico's figures. Most of that is for trash and recycling pickup. A small portion is for trash pickup at the outside containers at the Milestone Garden Apartments complex.

Errico said Tuesday that Williamsport had been paying BFI $6,600 a month to pick up trash and recyclables, which would work out to about $238,000 for three years. The current contract is up July 1.

Two calls for comment left with Blue Ridge - which Errico said also is known as Greenscape Trash Removal and Lawn Service - were not returned Tuesday.

The six bids were submitted in varying forms, making it difficult to compare them.

For example, both Blue Ridge and M.H.E. - a Hagers- town company whose bid came to $453,600 for three years - included estimates for 12-month yard waste removal, but not for seven months, which the other four companies included.

Errico said after the meeting that since this was her first time advertising the trash bids, she asked for advice, but no one helped.

Assuming 12 months of yard-waste collection, Milton Stamper Builders of Hagerstown apparently had the highest three-year estimate - $608,400.

Key Sanitation of Frederick, Md. - which broke its annual fee into trash, recycling and year-round yard waste collection - was the next highest at $471,350.88. Errico's notes stated that Key Sanitation was willing to come up with a seven-month yard-waste rate, which would have lowered the cost.

M.H.E. was next at $453,600, followed by Peck's Refuse Disposal of McConnellsburg, Pa., at $397,798.83.

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