Mail Call

April 12, 2004

"Does anyone from Keedysville that went to Keedysville School have any pictures of the patrol men that helped the kids come across the street, from around the 1953 or 1954 year? If you do, put the picture in the paper."

"Someone needs to tell the mayor of Hagerstown that the Washington County Hospital is not the Hagerstown Hospital. It can go anywhere in the county."

"I am tired of reading about not enough parking at the hospital. You will have plenty of parking at Robinwood, the only problem is, you won't be able to get to Robinwood because of all the traffic, think about what you are saying. You have 2,500 employees, plus another 1,500 that work at the medical, patients and visitors, you will have so much traffic out there, it will probably take you about an hour and a half to get there, but there will be plenty of parking."


"Do you know what your children are doing when not at home? Probably not. I was driving by Bester Elementary and there were four young girls and another kid across the street. The one girl used some very obnoxious language. If that would have been my kid, she wouldn't know what hit her when I got done with her. We need to be able to discipline our kids or they are all going to turn out to be the worst kids ever."

"I read in Wednesday's paper where Elizabeth Morgan is apologizing to the employees for putting stuff out on the Web site. I think she should go to the board office and find out exactly who caused this mess and make them apologize for the mistake, too."

"I just read Mail Call. To the person who thinks Mr. Clinton and Gore are such brave men, you must be joking."

"You have to be kidding, Clinton, Gore, Clarke, they aren't real men. You need to re-evaluate before you call someone a real man."

"The unprofessional and juvenile manner in which our mayor dealt with the representative of the hospital is the reason why I am never ever going to vote for this man again."

"Has anyone thought of us having two hospitals, one where it is and the other one at Robinwood? It would do us good."

"To the person who said about Clinton, Gore and Clarke being able to speak for themselves. I remember Clinton saying that he didn't have sex with that woman, Gore saying that he invented the Internet. Yeah, right, these are people we can trust? Don't think so. Vote for Bush."

"I want to thank Penny Nigh for all the help she gave me in helping to find my father who was missing. He was gone for 18 hours and I appreciate her help very much. My name is Linda. Thanks, Penny."

"I want to remind the mayor and council about what happened with circumstances that happened a few years ago, when the county got forced into this mess with the sewer and making poor decisions. I have a good prediction that what happened to the commissioners is exactly what's going to happen to the council."

"I was glad to see Elizabeth Morgan apologize and take full responsibility for putting my Social Security number and name and a lot of other board employees on the Internet for anyone to take. I wonder how many identities will be stolen. I think she should resign now and go back to Baltimore. That will be taking full responsibility."

"Is there a senior citizens group that meets in Maugansville that meets for fellowship or other activities?"

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