Letters to the Editor - 4/10/04

April 10, 2004

Tragedy can be avoided

To the editor:

Like everyone, I was appalled by the tragic death of Baby Christian. I suspect this was a decision made in an instant, by someone who simply thought there was nowhere else to turn.

My daughter and son-in-law are adoptive parents. Their adopted daughter is the light of their lives (and mine). Every day I thank God that my granddaughter's (birth) parents were willing to make this sacrifice and place her for adoption. That decision changed my family forever and gave us a great gift - a precious, loving, happy child.

I urge anyone who thinks there is no solution to consider adoption. To place a child for adoption, you needn't go through an agency or deal with a lot of red tape. You can arrange an adoption privately by dealing directly with the couple wishing to adopt. In fact, local papers like this one frequently run ads in the classified section from parents interested in adopting. The whole process can be done simply, easily and confidentially. All it takes is a phone call.


Having a baby before you are ready or able to be a parent shouldn't be a tragedy. I pray that this baby's death will help others to consider adoption. It's a decision you can live with. I hope Baby Christian's parents can live with theirs.

June Breen

Oakton, Va.

Sickened by ABC

To the editor:

I am appalled at the continued support by ABC of Peter Jennings' biased reporting. I am profoundly disappointed in his biased reporting in "Jesus and Paul."

I am equally saddened that ABC would allow him to present Christianity as simply a "Jesus movement." This special was another example of Jennings' and ABC's disrespect for the Christian faith.

If Jennings and ABC are really interested in reporting the truth, then why not present all the evidence? Maybe even interview respected Christian researchers and authors such as Josh McDowell. Interview someone who has spent a lot of time in researching and providing solid evidence of Christianity. Christianity is more than a "Jesus movement."

Once again, Mr. Jennings and ABC, you have collectively presented a biased view that true followers of the Christian faith find sickening.

Tom Foust


Attack on Jesus

To the editor:

I was wondering what the Christian families in this area thought of the masterfully worked attack on our heritage and Bible teachings by Peter Jennings' special, "Jesus and Paul" that aired Monday evening.

Sounds like a slap at the movie, "The Passion of the Christ," don't you think? Boy oh boy, the enemy can really get steamed when something like "The Passion of the Christ" comes on the scene!

This will cause anti-semitism, shout some. Some say that it was too graphic; yet they go with the children to see the bloody, gory chain- saw massacre! We let our children kill all day, playing these horrific blood-curdling video games and Gameboy trash. Yet we don't want them to see the truth of the facts that Jesus suffered for everyone today in this world.

This sounds like a excuse to ignore the good and look at the bad! There is an open attack on our biblical heritage every day in the world, especially in America!

In the United States, the Supreme Court justices have decided to interpret the Constitution in their own personal way. We take prayer out of school, now the Ten Commandments. What will happen tomorrow?

A.E. Snyder


Not paper, commitment

To the editor:

I was going through Sunday's paper and noticed the large ad for gay families and marriage. Then I saw an article by Billy Graham:

Q. As far as my girlfriend and I are concerned, marriage is just a piece of paper, we don't need to prove we love each other, etc.

A. If marriage were only "a piece of paper," then your position might make sense. We could treat marriage casually and approach it with a "take it or leave it" attitude. Unfortunately, that's the way many people see it today.

But have you ever asked yourselves what marriage is in God's eyes? To him, marriage isn't just a nice social custom or a useful legal arrangement. Instead, it is a divine gift - something he ordained for the human race right from the beginning. God gave marriage to us.

Why did God do this? He did it because he loves us and he wants us to be happy and secure. One thing is missing in your relationship: commitment. Yes, you may well love each other, but without marriage you are not truly and irrevocably committed to each other.

I think Graham has answered the question everyone is fighting over right now: Why can't gays marry? We are fighting to have a right which, as Graham said, God gave us. Yet so many straight people fight as hard to avoid it as our community fights to have it.

S. Whitacre


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