Blast from the Past

April 07, 2004

Week of April 4, 1954

Mrs. Rachel Shoemaker, 509 S. Potomac St., is employed at a local restaurant. One day last week a patron had dinner there, a $2.25 meal. He gave Mrs. Shoemaker $3 to pay the bill and told her to keep the change, which meant a 75-cent tip for Mrs. Shoemaker.

An hour later, the man returned and asked Mrs. Shoemaker if he could borrow half of the 75 cent tip he had given her. She obliged. "That goes to show that a waitress cannot depend on her tips to make a living," Mrs. Shoemaker pointed out.

It's exactly 100 miles from Washington, D.C., to Williamsport along the roadways paralleling the Potomac River and the old C&O Canal. Frank C. Wachter, chairman of the Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce committee on the C&O Canal, drove over the route a week ago and reports the scenery is magnificent and the road in excellent condition, except for one stretch from Sandy Hook to Antietam, which is quite narrow.


Fairchild Aircraft was among the leaders on the New York Stock Exchange again yesterday. Nearly 15,000 shares changed owners during the day and the stock closed at 131/4.

Week of April 4, 1979

A seven-year moratorium imposed by the Maryland Public Service Commission on Columbia Gas of Maryland was lifted Friday. Officials said efforts will be made to contact all who applied for gas service during the past seven years but were turned down. Others who want gas are advised to contact the local office.

The long-planned extension of Pangborn Boulevard to the Dual Highway in Hagerstown died this week when the city council voted 3-2 not to go through with the project.

If the idea of downing more than two dozen cups of coffee makes you sick to your stomach, you probably couldn't keep pace with Clarence Pringle, of the 100 block of High Street.

He drinks 30 cups a day. The 59-year-old hasn't had any medical problems that can be associated with his habit. His heart is strong and he doesn't have high blood pressure, gastric problems or insomnia.

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