Boys Lacrosse Capsules

April 03, 2004

Washington County

North Hagerstown

Coach: Anthony Dyer, 1st year

Roster: James Idol, M; Matt Stowell, A; Andrew Martin, M; Steven Schutte, D; Kevin Motz, G; Kyle Ungerer, M; Bryan Schmitt, M/A; David Morris, D; Andrew Stark, M; Phil Johns, M; Matt Ungerer, M; Jared Shockey, M; David Broadwater, G; Jarell Hasan, M; Dustin Vogel, M; Lee Bergeman, M; Luke FDeight, A; Delmont Dejean, D; Zach long, D; Mark Lancaster, M; Johnathan Porter, M; Bob Bechtell, M; Scott Swindells, M/A; Chris Petrie, D; Tyler Collins, M; John Kline, D; Brian Klitch, D; Casey Miller, D; Dru Harmon, M; Kalvin Day, M/A; Andrew Widmeyer, D; Zach Hughes, M.

St. James

Coach: Paul Salit, 2nd year

Last year: 6-7, lost in MAC semifinals to Sidwell Friends

Returning starters (5): Tommy Davis, Sr., D; Tim Berger, Sr., D; Joe Thomas, Jr., M; Dave Hammond, Sr., F; Miles Chan, Jr., F.

Remaining roster: Lee Morris, Sr., G; Sam Ashelman, Jr., D; Will Hatcher, Jr., D; Will Church, Jr., D; Dan Schlossberg, Jr., D; Yusuke Hoffeman, Sr., D; Rex Salisbury, So., M; Lekan Sajana, Jr., M; Dan Gervacio, Sr., M; Luke Terry, Jr., M; Francis Jones, Sr., M; Joe Pecoraro, Jr., M; James Waltersdorf, Jr., M; Stewart Kegan, Sr., F; Alex Szcukowski, Fr., F.


Outlook: "Our goal is to be one of the top three teams in the league. We lost a lot on defense last year, so we have some experienced players who are going to need step up and fill those spots. Offensively, we return five of our top seven scorers from last year, including Dave Hammond, our top scorer."


Coach: Joe Dietrich, 5th year

Last year: 12-4, lost to Parkside in 2A-1A semifinals

Returning starters (6): Mike Trueblood, Sr., F; Jeff Sprecher, Jr., M; Matt Thompson, So., M; Zach Keiffer, Sr., M; Scott White, Sr., D; Matt Moore, Sr., D.

Remaining roster: Ben Seifarth, Jr., F; Ryan Smith, Jr., F; Craig Hoban, So., F; Brad Schaffer, So., F; Josh Hudson, Fr., F; Jesse Smith, So., F; Ben Cooper, Jr., M; Matt Hudson, Jr., M; Clinton Lantz, Jr., M; Justin Neives, Jr., M; Derick Quillen, Jr., M; Mike Crunkleton, So., M; Garrett Keiffer, So., M; Joe Cacciola, Fr., M; Justin Hovermale, Fr., F; Ian Osik, Fr., F; Eric Blum, Jr., D; Nate Hayes, Jr., D; Mike Rinebolt, Jr., D; Jeremy Harbaugh, Fr., F; Tom Morrisey, Fr., F; Brett Neives, Fr., D; Matt Leeney, So., G; Ryan McMullen, Fr., G.

Outlook: "We lost 10 seniors from a regional championship team. We have a lot of challenges coming and it will be an interesting year."

South Hagerstown

Coach: Andrew Crouse, 2nd year (2-7)

Last year: 2-7, lost to Brunswick in 2A-1A West first round

Returning starters (6): Brandon Carbaugh, Jr., G; Kellen Crouse, Sr., M; Roger Kline, Sr., M; Chris Peterson, Sr., D; Luy Doan, Sr., F; Brett Burger, Sr., M.

Remaining roster: Randy Ransier, Jr., M; Tyler Trump, Jr., F; Dominique Richardson, Jr., F; Sean Marriner, Jr., F; Jeremy Gross, So., D; Tommy Shank, So., D.

Outlook: "I think they'll do far better than a 2-7 season. We hope to advance out of the first round of the playoffs, and we look to take advantage of a few new teams on the schedule. We really expect to surprise people in the spring break tournament."



Coach: Karl Metzgar, 5th year

Last year: 7-5, lost in second round to Smithsburg

Returning starters (8): Mike Bellucci, Sr., F; Jason Anderson, Sr., M; Chad Baker, Sr., M; Brandon Thompson, Sr., M; Steve Rusenko, Sr., D; Greg Lefebzre, Sr., D; Tre Zimmerman, Sr., D; Neil Metzgar, Jr., G.

Remaining roster: R.J. Backover, Jr., A; Jesse Belt, Fr., A; Pat Campbell, Fr., D; Andrew Coates, Fr., M; Ryan Coffey, So., M; Marcus Collins, Fr., D; Zach Gunther, Fr., M; James Harris, Jr., M; Derek Kline, Jr., M; Hugh McGovern, So., D; Alex Papanicolas, Jr., M; Chris Papanicolas, So., D; Steven Reedy, Fr., A; David Sowers, So., A; Shayne Virts, Fr., A; Craig Wachter, Sr., A; Bryan Wright, Jr., M.

Outlook: "I think this year is the most experienced team we've had. The majority of these guys have been playing together for four or five years. I definitely think we will improve on our record from last year. We're going to be playing a more competitive schedule."


Coach: Bill Derbyshire, 3rd year (3-16)

Last year: 1-8, lost in 1A West first round to Middletown

Returning starters (10): David Burrier, Sr., D; Rick Toms, Sr., G; Chris Santos, Sr., D; Evan Wivell, Sr., D; Mike Clarke, Jr., M; Chad Wilkes, Jr., M; Sean Hillis, Sr., M; Ben Whitney, Sr., F; Joe Seiss, Jr., F; Angus Derbyshire, Jr., F.

Remaining roster: Josh Poole, Sr., M; Mark Fields, Jr., M; Kyle Nolan, Sr., D; Todd Frey, Jr., D; Joe Muller, Jr., D; Jake Brooks, So., D; Ryan McCutcheon, Fr., M; Bryan Shaffer, Fr., M; Colten Eureka, Fr., M.

Outlook: "I think we've got a good returning group of guys, and we are hoping to score more this year. We should be very strong on defense."


Coach: Dave McGinnis, 3rd year (13-18)

Last year: 8-9, lost in quarter finals to Fallston

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