Mail Call

April 03, 2004

"A black bear killed a deer at 3:30 a.m. on March 30 across from Elk Ridge Lake and Chestnut Grove Road."

"There's a guy at the mall today complaining about the job losses since Bush took office and blaming it all on Bush. I asked him how many jobs were lost but he had no clue at all. All he could say was a lot. The was the best guess he could venture. The second thing I found out he owned a car made in Korea. I wonder what that did for saving American jobs?"

"Will the person who displays the American and the POW flags on holidays and the person who plants the flowers at the veterans memorial on I-81 near Maugansville, please call me at 301-739-6748?"

"I feel really bad for the little girl's dog that got shot but I have one question. Was the little dog on a leash? You can't shoot a dog on a leash."


"I want to thank the Public Works Department for filling the pothole on Antietam Avenue, west of Cleveland."

"I agree with the Mail Call about elementary students not given the proper opportunities to learn about musical instruments. I think the magnet schools are great, but I think they should only be encouraged when there are enough funds for all regular schools to have music and art. Music and art have been reduced to once a week activities and physical education. Even though our country's children are overweight. Many people grow up to be musicians and lots of artists, too. Why is music and art history pushed to the background? My daughter had to buy a recorder in the first grade. This year she is leaving elementary school and they still never taught her how to use it. They only get a half an hour a week."

"My name is Peggy, the homecoming queen and someone was interested in where I was and what I was doing. Can someone call me at 1-717-263-8033."

"Why does Bush seem to be looking the other way while large numbers of illegal immigrants race across the borders? This would seem to be a national security problem. Which is more important, votes for Bush or more better-paying jobs for all Americans and better security for our country?"

"I am calling in regards to the senior citizens group or the widow or widower's group, there has been a lot in the paper about that in the past six months. Someone called into Mail Call on Tuesday about the Tri-State Singles. It's a terrific group, it has been here for nine years and there are no dues, no officers, just a group of seniors in their late 50s and up. Call 301-739-8990 or 301-824-5200, you have nothing to lose. It's a group of men and women. You make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun. Pick up the phone, don't be lonely, reach out to other people and they will reach out to you. If you don't want to make the phone call, we will be at Richardson's on Saturday, arrive around 8:30, eat breakfast at 9. We are in the back room. It's a wonderful group, I started it nine years ago. We have expanded and made so many friends."

"Is anyone else having problems with junk mail? I got the phone calls to stop, now I am going to just send the junk mail back in the mail with return to sender on it, then maybe the junk mail will stop too."

"Please check the South Hagerstown High School Web page for information regarding the class of 1989's 15-year reunion."

"Camp David has been a country home for presidents for more than 60 years. To my knowledge, the length of Hagerstown's runway has never been an issue."

"I am a concerned parent of a Washington County high school student. There has been threats made numerous times, we went to Administration about taking action. Can someone tell me which way to go now, because evidently the zero tolerance act is no longer going on in our schools."

"Someone wanted to know why the orange, blue and white flags were placed along Robinwood Drive and Little Antietam Road. I was told by the workers that Verizon is putting in new fiber optic cable."

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