New apartments proposed

April 03, 2004|by TARA REILLY

A Washington County developer plans to build 10 three-story apartment buildings off Virginia Avenue near Williamsport.

The apartment buildings would contain a total of 120 dwelling units, with 12 units in each building.

The Washington County Planning Commission will vote on the site plan for the complex, called Brookmeade Drive Apartments, at a meeting on Monday at 7 p.m.

The apartment buildings would be on Brookmeade Drive, near the Interstate 81 ramps at Virginia Avenue and behind the AC&T convenience store.

The developer is Ben Shaool, who has developed Fountain View Apartments off Pennsylvania Avenue near Hagerstown Regional Airport and Woodbridge Apartments off Robinwood Drive near Hagerstown Community College.


Senior Planner Tim Lung said Friday that he thought Brookmeade Drive Apartments would be similar to the Fountain View and Woodbridge apartment complexes.

The planning department will need to determine whether Shaool would have to pay the county's Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance fee for schools, Lung said.

Developers who build in areas where schools are at 85 percent of capacity or more are required to pay $6,500 per dwelling unit. That money then may be used to add classrooms or build new schools to increase capacity at a particular school.

Brookmeade Apartments would be in the Williamsport school area, Lung said.

The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance was established to ensure that schools, roads and other infrastructure are adequate to handle growth.

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