Girls Lacrosse Capsules

April 03, 2004


North Hagerstown

Coach: John Chirgott, 5th year

Last year: 5-6, lost to Einstein in 2A-1A West first round

Returning starters (8): Rachel Valentine, Sr., F; Kelly Salvagno, Sr., F; Hannah Hardinge, Sr., F; Dana Byrd, Sr., M; Jenny Rawlings, Jr., M; Amanda Voglesong, Sr., M; Emily Kelso, Sr., M; Cere Snyder, Jr., D; Shireen Qadir, Sr., M.

Remaining roster: Jessica Magaha, So., M; Ellie Tsihas, Fr., M; Ashley Fogle, Fr., ; Shanna Garvin, Fr., M; Stephanie Jones, Fr., D; Lindsay Sullivan, Fr., M; Courtney Ward, G; Allie Snyder, Fr., D; Jessica Schlosser, Fr., M; Mallory Gesaman, Jr., M; Kelsey Basher, So., M; Lindsey Schutle, Fr., G; Amanda Grubbs, Jr., M; Erin Trumpower, Fr., M.

Outlook: "I'm always happy if we go .500. We're going to be playing some teams that will really give us some tough games."

St. James School

Coach: Lisa Brunnebend, 8th season

Last year: 12-1

Returning starters (7): Sarah Kornides, So., M; Emily McCormack, Jr., D; Lisa Kmonicek, Sr., D; Rebecca Kain, Sr., D; Kappy Kopp, Sr., D; Margaret Vieira, Jr., F; Jen Iuliano, Sr., M.

Remaining roster: Allie Marriott, Fr., G; Shannon Gehrs, So., F; Julia McKeachie, So., M; Lauren Orsini, So., M; Hannah Palin, So., M; Kellen Riley, So., F; Lauren Blount, Jr., M; Lauren Bust, Jr., D; Catherin Gonzalez, Jr., D; Fabienne Kyle, Jr., M; Robyn Levitan, Jr., D; Stephanie Marriott, Jr., M; Elizabeth Kopp, Sr., F; Laurel Mylonas-Orwig, Sr., D; Bronwyn Ritchey, Sr., M.

Outlook: "We had a really experienced team last year, but I think we have trained the younger girls to fill the seniors shoes from last year. We'll hold our own and fight hard."


Coach: Nancy Bates, 5th year

Last year: 4 -7, lost in 2A-1A West quarterfinals to Century

Returning starters (10): Lauren Layman, Sr., D; Jordan Williams, Sr., F; Laura Best, Sr., M; Katie Williams, Sr., G; Ali Dietrich, Jr., M/D; Amy Startzman, Jr., M; Lauren Dietrich, Jr., D; Lyndsay Bates, So., M; Erin Bergstrom, So., F; Casey Christopher, So., D; Meaghan Thompson, So., M/D; Kristi Schellenberg, So., F.

Remaining roster: Alicia Hoffman, Sr., D; Quinn Pangborn, So., M; Erin Mozingo, Fr., D; Molly Schweinhart, Fr., D; Cassie Petty, Fr., M; Amanda Startzman, Fr., M; Megan Hann, Fr., D; Carrie Martin, Fr., D; Ashton Papich, Fr., M; Megan Jones, Fr., D; Carly Jones, Fr., F; Erica Herrera, Fr., G.

Outlook: "We have a lot of talent, and we certainly have some potential for a winning season. It's a lot of young players who have to learn to play together. But once they learn how to do that, I expect a winning season."

South Hagerstown

Coach: Bruce Buhrman, 4th year

Last year: 0-9, lost in 2A-1A West first round to Catoctin

Returning starters (10): Lacey Reichert, So., G; Sarah Buhrman, Jr., D; Elizabeth Hill, Jr., M; Channing Johnson, Jr., M; Lauren Cecil, Sr., F; Jordan Creek, Sr., D; Ashley Martz, Sr., F; Jessica Osborne, Sr., D; Denise Simon, Sr., M; Ashley Wharton, Sr., F.

Remaining roster: Whitney Pike, Sr., D/G; Ashley Kemmerer, Jr., D; Melissa Cecil, Fr., F; Susan Gore, Fr., D; Carissa Kesler, Fr., M; Jena Mannick, Fr., F; Kaitlin Trump, Fr., M; Michelle White, Fr., M; Amy Ransier, Fr., F.

Outlook: "We are improving steadily. I hope to improve our record from what it was last year."



Coach: Mike Harrington, 3rd year

Last year: 2-10, lost in 2A-1A West first round to Middletown

Returning starters (7): Kelly Hoopengardner, Jr., G; Lauren Blodgett, Sr., F; Mary-Kate Quin, Sr., D; Lisa Woodrum, Sr., D; Sam Remsburg, Sr., D; Leslie Grant, Sr., D; Laurynn Wesley, Jr., D.

Remaining roster: Jessica Barnett, So., G; Gina Woodrum, Fr., D; Katie Crow, Fr., F; Angie O'Connor, Fr., F; Caitlin Lescure, Jr., M; Kellie McDuffie, Jr., F; Abbie Morris, Jr., F; Meghan Engle, Fr., M; Leslie Baugher, Jr., M; Chelsea Sowers, So., M; Elizabeth Mossburg, Fr., F; Christina Zimmerman, So., G; Chelsea Williams, Fr., F.

Outlook: "I think its going to be a good year for us. I think we have a pretty experienced starting lineup. The girls are excited and looking forward to the year."


Coach: Kathy Stinefelt, 5th year

Returning starters: Colleen Weeks, Sr., F; Jessica Blickenstaff, Sr., M; Katie Beth Williams, Sr., D; Rachael Williams, Sr., M; Stacey Williams, Jr., F; Lydia Baust, Jr., D; Katie Wyatt, Jr., D.

Remaining roster: Ashley Reaver, So., F; Alicia Tobery, So., M; Erin Fitzgerald, Fr., M; Cheriann Toms, So., D; Erin Werner, So., F; Grace Hiederman, Fr., F; Kate Robinson, So., M; Kelly Wright, Fr., D; Mallory Metheny, Fr., D; Jen Krietz, Fr., D; Amanda Harig, Fr., F; Amanda Clem, Fr., F; Kara Heinzl, Fr., F; Caroline Gamble, Fr., M; Lindsey Russell, Fr., D; Lauren Roop, So., D; Iole Testa, Fr., F; Leah Phelps, Fr., D; Christina Walter, So., G.

Coach's outlook: "I see a lot of growth in our team because we have a fairly young team this year. We'll be looking for some important contributions from our new players."


Coach: Ana Martinez, 2nd season

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