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Letters to the editor

March 27, 2004

Thanks for being a friend

To the editor:

Sometimes we miss out on an opportunity to let someone know what we think of them. I want to extend a form of friendship to a certain man in the community.

This man I'm talking about was once chubby and I feel he was a bit insecure. Perhaps that was why he waited so long to ask me if I remembered him from somewhere else.

I hope that he sees this letter. If anything, I would like to be a friend to him.

Helen Willis

Vote was a disgrace

To the editor:

On March 17, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on a resolution praising our troops. It passed 327-93.

This vote was not a victory. This was a defeat for America. The idea that nearly 100 members of the House could vote against acknowledging the blood shed by our troops, against their personal sacrifice, just leaves one slackjawed in amazement at the cravenness, the cowardice, of these people.


Nearly 100 members of the House decided that their anger at the administration was more important than their duty as public servants or their personal honor. Sadly, some members of Maryland's congressional delegation were among this disgraceful cabal.

Bill Crews

Take action on 'Passion'

To the editor:

Much has been written about the new Mel Gibson film "The Passion of the Christ." Much has been said concerning the scenes showing the scourging and other forms of beating and torture. Yet, with all that is depicted there, it has been said that what was shown was still probably less than what actually took place.

But, if you see the film, Ask: Why did all this happen? He did it not as a martyr, but to pay for your sins and mine. Now what do you think God will say to anyone who scoffs at that terrible price by refusing to accept Christ's gift to man?

Admit to God that you are a sinner (all of us put him there) and ask him to save you from those sins by trusting him as your savior. Your heart has been moved, now don't let it harden again before you take action.

Jerre Snider
Waynesboro, Pa.

I'm disabled with nowhere to turn

To the editor:

As of January of 2003 I have been disabled by lower back problems. I was first put through therapy for around three months which never did any good. Then the doctor sent me to a surgeon and I had back surgery in May of 2003. That seemed to help, so in October of 2003 I tried to go back to work.

After just one night of work I couldn't move for days after that. I went back to the doctor. His advice was to have my spine fused together. So I had another surgery. I'm still not able to stand on my own two feet for more than five minutes without my spine feeling like it is pushing out through my skin.

Now my partial disability has run out. I tried to apply for unemployment but I was turned down because I was not actively looking for work.

They even sent me papers to have my doctor fill out and send to them stating that I was disabled and unable to look for work, which was sent to their office.

Now they are telling me I was denied because I did not actively look for work. I called and asked them how am I going to look for work when I can hardly walk?

Their response was "Oh well." Here I am now out of a job because I have been off work for so long I have no income coming in at all.

And when I belittle myself and ask for some help I get a "oh well." What is a person to do? Maybe someone that reads this could give me some advice on what to do.

Kenneth Hoffman

Info needed

To the editor:

I am an eighth-grade student at Washington Manor Middle School in San Leandro, Calif. I am currently doing a project that entails planning a vacation to your fine state. I would greatly appreciate any information or memorabilia that your generous readers may send me.

I am interested in family activities, interesting historical sites and any unique artifacts that make your state special.

Kaighlie Garcia
Washington Manor Middle School
c/o Paulukonis

1170 Fargo Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94579

We get no help

To the editor:

Attention governor, mayor and the president of the United States:

Why are you sitting on your hands? Do something about the escalating gasoline prices. You can fight a war, arrest terrorists and capture crooks, etc. So why can't you cut the price of gas? We don't make hundreds of thousand dollars a year like you all do. I got a $4 raise on my Social Security and Medicare went up $10. How's that getting ahead?

Come on taxpayers and voters, help me get the word out on no help from the elected officials. Get us a raise in pay so we can buy gasoline.

Louise Shipley
Clear Spring

Uncaring Dems

To the editor:

You Democrats would have us believe that the country is going down the drain. As I see it, all you Democrats are interested in is regaining power and nothing else.

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