March 21, 2004

Propane valves

SCG Miyairi Company Ltd. is recalling 21,000 SCG liquid propane overfill protection devices, or OPD valves.

When the cylinder on the gas grill is filled and exposed to increased temperatures, liquid propane instead of gas vapor can leak out and cause the gas regulator valve to freeze. When the regulator valve thaws, if it has not been turned off, gas will flow to the grill. The resulting build-up of gas in the grill can pose a serious fire hazard to consumers.

The recalled OPD valves have "V5QA OPD" engraved on the body and handle and either "DT 3.8" or "DT 3.8A" printed on one side of the wrench pad and "07-02," "08-02," or "10-98" printed on the other side. The valves are installed on 20-pound liquid propane gas cylinders manufactured by the Sahamitr Pressure Container Public Co. Ltd. in Thailand.

Consumers should stop using the gas cylinders and contact CG Miyairi at 800-636-9346 or visit its Web site at SCG will identify a local LP gas exchange center that will replace the cylinder with one that has a new OPD valve. Do not take the LP gas cylinder to an LP gas refiller or attempt to remove the OPD or gas valve themselves.

Pool filters

Sta-Rite Industries Inc. is recalling 8,500 Sta-Rite System 2 and AquaTools Filters and Filter Systems

The Posi-Lok locking ring, which secures the filter's upper tank shell to the lower tank shell, can disengage from the lower tank shell, allowing the top shell of the filter to blow off.

The modular pool filters are designed for use with above-ground pools and small in-ground pools. The System 2 product line is sold under the brand names "Sta-Rite" and "AquaTools," located on a decal on the upper tank shell. Sta-Rite System 2 filter tanks were sold with model numbers beginning with PLM or PLD, and AquaTools filter tanks were sold with model numbers beginning with AT84100, AT84150 or AT82130.

Only filters with the following serial numbers are affected: 1A03, 1B03, 1C03, 1D03, 1EH03, 1F03, 1G03, 1H03 and 1J03.

If the Posi-Lok locking ring has the phrase "Lubricate Tank 'O' Ring - see instructions" molded into it, the ring has been updated and no further action is necessary.

Consumers should not disturb their filters, and contact Sta-Rite at 866-681-9148 or visit the firm's Web site at to confirm the identity of their filter and receive a free replacement Posi-Lok locking ring and installation instructions. In addition, Sta-Rite will reimburse consumers $10 for each Posi-Lok locking ring that is shipped back to them and provide a prepaid box for shipping.

For consumers who are not comfortable with the replacement procedure, Sta-Rite will arrange to have the affected filters professionally repaired at no cost to the consumers.

Lithium batteries

Dorcy International Inc. is recalling 20,000 Fuji Power and A&T Fuji Power CR123A 3-volt lithium batteries provided with the Dorcy Spyder Tactical Xenon Light.

The batteries also were sold in packages of two flashlights under the name Dorcy Xenon Tactical Light.

The batteries may overheat, leak or rupture, presenting a potential for fire and injury.

Each of the 3-volt lithium batteries has a white label with the words "Fuji Power" or "A&T Fuji Power CR123A." The batteries were provided separately in pairs in packaging with the flashlights.

Consumers may call Dorcy International Inc. at 800-837-8558 or go to the Web site is to receive free replacement batteries for each pair of batteries originally provided with the Spyder Tactical Xenon Light or the Xenon Tactical Light. Consumers also can return the flashlights to the store for a refund or replacement.

Fire engine toys

FAO Schwarz Inc. is recalling 323 fire engine pull-along toys.

Small parts can detach from the toy, posing a choking hazard to small children.

The toys are red with a yellow ladder and are made of wood. They are about 18 inches long and come with six toy firemen.

Consumers should take the product away from small children and mail it to FAO Schwarz Inc., 2520 Renaissance Blvd., King of Prussia, PA 19406 for a full refund, including postage. Returns to this address must be received before March 31. The seller of this product has declared bankruptcy and will be able to accept returns only until March 31.

Consumers may call FAO Schwarz Inc. at 888-889-5437.

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