Mail Call

March 19, 2004

"I personally don't think John Kerry should apologize to President Bush for anything he said because just about anything that comes out of Bush's mouth is propaganda and a lie. I watched him land on a ship in the middle of the ocean, took his Air Force jacket off and with a little smirk and then the war is over. There have been just about as many of our boys killed over there after the war than before the war. Bush needs to stop beating up on Kerry and take a look at his own record."

"I lost a set of keys yesterday around the Salvation Army on Frederick Street. If anyone finds them, they have about five keys on them and a little brass bell. If you find them, turn them into the Salvation Army Thrift Store. They have my name and number."

"Are you sick of going to the mall and being entertained by the teenagers? I don't judge a person by their looks, but their actions are horrifying. Screaming profanity, disrespectful and mean. We need to clean up the trash and the rats will leave. We were all told to fill out a complaint form at the customer service desk."


"The three County Commissioners who voted to spend tax dollars for the runway extension are suffering from chronic wasting disease, is what a Mail Caller said. These three commissioners will also be suffering from Chronic Lack of Vote Disease if they run for re-election."

"After loading groceries in my car the other day, I noticed a woman who was parked a few cars down from me. She appeared to be handicapped and was struggling to load her groceries from the cart to her car. So I went over and offered my assistance and I saw what the problem was. She was trying to talk on her cell phone and load her groceries at the same time. Needless to say, I just laughed to myself and got back in my vehicle and left. These people have some kind of sickness if they can't wait to talk on their cell phone when they are finished doing what they were doing."

"For the person who has said that there are no weapons of mass destruction and that there never was. Could you please explain what the thousands of people Saddam killed was all about? I guess that wasn't use of mass destruction?"

"I am looking for a Jack Mills that served in the military in the Air Force between 1948 and 1949. We are trying to locate all the Air Force buddies. My name is Curtis Judah. My number is 334-774-0200. If you are the Jack Mills from Hagerstown that served during this time, call me."

"I noticed in the paper that the county wants to add 21 new jobs. Well, we got along without those jobs last year and the year before and so on. Why don't they forget about those jobs and use that money to pay for the dump to pay for that white elephant and let the taxpayers keep our money."

"To the Mail Caller who said that American Civil Liberties Union should be flown out of the country. To that person, if it weren't for the American Civil Liberties Union, you wouldn't be able to call or write anything like that at all."

"I am a new mom to a 9- week-old healthy boy. I am very interested in any kind of play group or exercise classes that I can take with my son. If you know of any, let me know."

"Everyone is so worried about the gas prices. They aren't going to go down. It is going to go higher."

"I am a hunter and I agree with the person who called in the other day about Bucky. I suggest that they send all these deer back into the wild. I am running low on deer bologna and jerky."

"I would like to ask the County Commissioners: A few years ago our dump, our tax dollars paid for. Then we put the sticker fees in, now every year it just keeps going up and up. Now the state wants to put a flush tax in, which, the emissions is supposed to clean up the bay. What is going on with our elected officials? I see now where they want to hire 21 new employees, 3 percent pay raise. When is it going to stop? Tax, tax and more tax. Something has to stop. Live within our budget, people. You can't keep taxing, spending and taxing and spending."

"I always thought that the gas tax went for the roads. Why do we have to put another $90 onto our registration fee to pay for the roads?"

"To the caller who thinks there were never weapons of mass destruction ever, you must be a fool. How stupid are you to think that he never had any. If you don't know the facts, stop giving people your opinion."

"About the septic tanks, if you were smart, you would put cleaner in it every so often and then you wouldn't have to worry about having it cleaned every three years. I know people that haven't cleaned it in 10 years and theirs is doing fine."

"I agree with the person who said it wasn't just Bush's problem. If Clinton would have done something with bin Laden when he attacked the U.S. embassy and attacked the USS Cole then we probably wouldn't have had 9/11."

"Extending the runway at the airport is a lose-lose situation."

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