Mail Call

March 18, 2004

"I can't believe they are going to raise the dump fees for seniors. Come on, seniors, yell and yell loud."

"Someone asked if the president got paid while he was campaigning and was wondering who performed his duties. Yes, they do get paid, as a matter of fact, Bill Clinton got paid with taxpayers' money while he was having sex on the job and while he was having a bunch of communists from China sleeping in the White House, he was still getting paid. So, it doesn't really matter if you are a Republican or Democrat."

"Does anyone have a good recipe to kill ants? My countertop has them all the time. I just can't get rid of them, even the traps I buy from the stores, it seems like they just feed off of them. Call a recipe in for me. I saw some good ones in there last year, but I didn't have ants then."


"It is ironic that Washington County's plan for 'No Child Left Behind' includes adding more advanced placement classes and reducing classroom support for learning disabilities and the science and social studies classes. Which kids do you think will be left behind? Parents of all kids should be asking questions, but watch out for the smoke and mirrors."

"About basketball games. It doesn't take one man to make the team, it takes an entire group of men to make the team. Someone that only made six shots out of 25, it was time to not keep feeding him the ball. Pass the ball around."

"I would like to respond to the letter titled, 'be careful, you who judge' published March 7. Let me say to you, Robin, I recently said to a young gay man, 'your defense of a gay lifestyle is totally without merit.' I am not bigoted when I condemn homosexuality for the simple fact that God's word condemned it thousands of years ago. I believe in civil rights, but this immorality is not a God-given right, I can assure you. It is vile and is not normal. We who oppose this are accused of spreading hate, we who are genuine Christians do not hate anyone, anywhere. Millions of Bible students in America would agree with what I am saying. Unfortunately, many never even read their Bibles."

"Does anyone know what is going on with the bridge on Broadfording Road? There hasn't been any work done on it for months now. We are fed up with going in other directions to get to school and work, not to mention the gas prices. I bet if the people who approved this work lived down here, it would be worked on every day. So much for the taxpayers' money. I think we should get some kind of reimbursement for our time and money."

"Have you ever noticed that police will pull people over for speeding mostly where there isn't even a speed limit sign posted? On Northern Avenue I was pulled over for speeding and I didn't even know there was a speed limit sign. They need to put the speed limit signs up instead of giving out all those speeding tickets."

"I have been wondering if the Washington County Sheriff's Department can tell me why when someone calls in and reports someone driving without a license, gives them an address, the type of vehicle and the name of the person or whatever else they would need, that the person is told that there is nothing they can do about someone driving without a license or driving on a suspended license. If a sheriff's deputy could call Mail Call with an answer, I would appreciate it."

"I would like to know where to send the front of cards to be used by someone. I have a lot of them. Who would like to have them?"

"This is being made in reference to the comments made by John Munson regarding the county employees and their 3 percent raise. My raise amounted to about $6 a week. If he wants it back, he can have it. I want to know when he is giving back the $10,000 a year raise he got, that he promised he would give back. I am waiting on it."

"I live in a development next to a new development that is going up in Boonsboro. They create nothing but dirt and dust for the people living here. We spend hours cleaning our windows and the outside of our homes, I think they should pay to have our houses cleaned. That is the least they can do."

"I suffer from fibromialgia and the Arthritis Foundation has recommended a warm- water pool where we do water exercises. I have never felt better in the eight years since I have had it. I thank God that my friends told me about it. So if you have fibromialgia contact them to find out about the warm water exercises."

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