Blast from the past

March 17, 2004

Week of March 14, 1954

A most unusual black egg was brought to our office this week by a View Street housewife, who related the following:

The chicken was killed the day after its owner had died here, in preparation for a meal to be served to relatives on the day of burial.

When the chicken was dressed, the hard-shelled egg with an outer shell black in color, was found. When the egg was exhibited at the newspaper office, the dark shell had started to part from the inner white shell of the egg.

The barley growing right on the racetrack at the Fairgrounds is higher and of a better stand this winter than for any winter in the past.


Merle H. Beard, assistant manager of the Fair Association, explained that each fall the track is harrowed and planted in barley. Then, at the end of April, the barley will be disced under and allowed to rot, creating a nice soft and safe underfooting by the time of the August horse races.

E. Leister Mobley, president of the Washington County Board of Commissioners, said the sanitary landfill method of permanent disposal of rubbish will be used at the county dumping site at Greencastle-Williamsport Pike because the problem of flies, rats and mosquitos as well as fire odor and other nuisances can be eliminated.

Week of March 14, 1979

Jack Anderson, well-known news reporter and radio and TV personality, will be guest speaker at the Hagerstown Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this Sunday at 7 p.m.

Anderson will discuss lost civilizations of the Americas and will answer questions following the talk. The public is invited to hear Anderson speak.

For 17 years, Ron Hendrickson has driven 22 miles a day round-trip to his job at Mack Trucks' Hagerstown plant.

Now, Hendrickson and several other Mack workers hope to avoid the hassle of finding a parking place, fighting traffic and buying expensive gas, by riding the County Commuter buses from their neighborhoods to Mack's front door. "It costs a quarter to ride the bus each way. I can't drive it for 50 cents a day," Hendrickson says.

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