Sample of bee words

March 14, 2004

Here are some of the words that were part of the Washington County Spelling Bee held Saturday at Western Heights Middle School. Definitions were in the contest word lists that were provided for students to study before Saturday's competition.

  • journeycake (noun) - A bread made of cornmeal mixed with salt and water or milk and either baked thin in a pan or dropped by spoonfuls onto a hot greased griddle.

  • peristaltic (adjective) - Of, relating to, resulting from or being successive waves of involuntary contraction passing along the walls of the intestine or other hollow muscular structure and forcing the contents onward.

  • paroxysm (noun) - A sudden, violent and uncontrollable action or occurrence of emotion.

  • pharmacognosy (noun) - A science dealing with the composition, production, use and history of drugs of plant and animal origin.

  • procrustean (adjective) - Marked by complete disregard of individual differences and by violent forcing into conformity with something.

  • dissimilitude (noun) - Lack of resemblance.

  • dilute (verb) - Make less concentrated; diminish the strength, activity or flavor of.

  • ostentation (noun) - Overly elaborate embellishment, especially in art.

  • blunderbuss (noun) - An obsolete short gun or firearm that had a large bore and was intended for shooting at close quarters without exact aim.
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