Herald-Mail wins 27 press association awards

March 13, 2004

The Herald-Mail won 27 awards and was named Newspaper of the Year for its division by the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association on Friday.

The newspaper's awards included 11 first-place honors and one Best in Show, given to the best entry in a category among six divisions. The divisions are based on newspaper circulation.

The Herald-Mail is in Division B, for newspapers with circulations between 30,000 and 75,000.

Best in Show was presented to sports reporter Bob Parasiliti for a local column entitled "Flight 93 Site Quietly Inspires Awe."

"We have a talented, hard-working newsroom that understands that the reader comes first," said John League, editor and publisher of The Herald-Mail. "It's a great honor to have another organization recognize the excellence of our reporters and editors and, by extension, the entire newspaper operation."


The awards were presented Friday during the annual MDDC luncheon in Columbia, Md. At the same luncheon, Jim Schurz, a former editor and publisher of The Herald-Mail, was inducted into the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Newspaper Hall of Fame.

The Herald-Mail, which publishes The Morning Herald, The Daily Mail and The Herald-Mail, submitted news and feature stories, editorials and local columns written in 2003.

Also submitted were photographs, pages and graphics that appeared in the newspapers last year.

Winners were:

  • News

    First place, Continuing Coverage: Reporters Tara Reilly, Scott Butki, Andrew Schotz, Laura Ernde and Pepper Ballard and editorial writers Bob Maginnis and Tim Rowland for "Penmar Development Corp. Coverage."

    First place, Investigative Reporting: Candice Bosely for "Death Taking its Toll on W.Va. 9."

    First place, Local Government: Schotz for "Pit Bulls."

    First place, Public Service: Reporters Butki, Ernde, Schotz and Brian Shappell and editorial writers Maginnis and Rowland for "City Fights Hospital over Move."

    First place, Business/Economic: Kevin Clapp for "Bridging the Gap."

    First place, Medical/Science: Lisa Prejean for "Mirror, Mirror."

    First place, Education: Schotz for "School Life."

    Second place, Spot News: Shappell for "Flames Engulf Woman in Park."

    Second place, Local Government: Ernde for "Alone in the Minority."

    Second place, State Government: Tamela Baker for "Political Power Sometimes Short-lived."

    Second place, Medical/Science: Chris Copley for "Know When to Speak Up."

  • Editorial

    First place and Best in Show, Local Column: Parasiliti for "Flight 93 Site Quietly Inspires Awe."

    Second place, Editorial: Maginnis for "A Slap at the School Board."

    Second place, Local Column: Rowland for "Rep. Pat Fleagle gets Clear Shot at his Knapsack."

    Second place, Editorial Cartoon: Rob Rock for "Famous Belfries."

  • Photography

    First place, Feature Photo: Ric Dugan for "Sun Washed."

    First place, Photo Series: Kevin G. Gilbert for "Snowed Under."

    First place, Sports Photo: Dugan for "Sandwiched Gael."

    Second place, Spot News Photo: Joe Crocetta for "Drain Rescue."

    Second place, Sports Photo: Gilbert for "Eyes on the Ball."


    Second place, Sports Feature: Kate Coleman for "Racing for a Living."

  • Design and Graphics

    Second place, Special Sections: Herald-Mail staff for "Welcome to Washington County."

    Second place, Headlines: Andrea Rowland for "New Pooch Gadget, Bow-Lingual, Translates Barks into Bytes."

    Second place, Page 1 Design: Joel Huffer for "Snowed Under" (Feb. 17, 2003).

    Second place, Sports Page Design: Huffer for "Up to Speed" (Feb. 15, 2003).

    Second place, Informational Graphics/General: Ryan Harpster for "Route 9 Deaths."

    Second place, Art or Illustration: Harpster for "Gator Bowl."

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