Area woman displays artistic photos at Greencastle bank

March 12, 2004|by BONNIE H. BRECHBILL

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Customers of the Greencastle branch of The First National Bank of Mercersburg (Pa.) can view artistic photos of local landscapes this month when they do their banking.

Carrie Heckman, regional manager of the bank, said the photo exhibit is the first art display the bank has hosted.

Local artist and photographer Nancy Hoffmann mounted the exhibit of winter-themed digital photography.

"She has a gift," Heckman said, adding that since viewing Hoffmann's exhibit, she's been noticing more of the rural landscape.

The photos are framed and titled, and several have been enhanced on the computer. "Pink Reflected" shows a pink sunset reflected in the pond in Hoffmann's backyard in Welsh Run, Pa.

"Barns and Mountains," which explores the play of shadow on snow, resembles a watercolor because of filters Hoffmann used on the computer.


"I can't paint, so I'm doing it this way," she said.

A tall, stark "Tree in Mist" also was filtered.

The sun shining on an old white barn gives a muted look to a vintage tractor titled "Old Timer."

Photography is a new art form for Hoffmann, 58. She got a digital camera last summer, but she became more serious about photography when she saw this winter's snow on the farms and old buildings, she said.

Hoffmann studied interior design in college and "does everything but paint," she said. She likes making crafts and working with fabric.

"I like 3-D things. I make creative collages with textured designs - ribbon, crochet, buttons." She often gives her creations as gifts, "but my family is saying, 'No more, Mom,'" she said, laughing.

Hoffmann and her husband, Robert, are the parents of four grown children.

Recently, Hoffmann started taking photos inside her small, restored log home and affixing them to note cards. She creates groupings of plants, quilts, antique furniture, old baskets, stuffed animals or candles, and occasionally one of her four cats happens by and gets into the picture.

The wash house behind the Hoffmann's home formerly was the "election house" for Montgomery Township, Hoffmann said. "I can see from the paint marks where the voting booths were," she said. The small building is now her studio, and has been connected to the house.

Largely self-taught on the computer, Hoffmann is experimenting with printing photos on fabric.

Hoffmann also makes ornaments and other Christmas items, wall hangings and a good fairy named Esmerelda. She does not use patterns.

"I have so many ideas. I finish one project and I have 10 ideas for the next project," she said. "It's important for me to be original. The fun is in creating the whole thing, having the idea and carrying it all out. I never do two of anything - it would get very boring."

Hoffmann said she is looking for markets for her work.

"My studio is absolutely full," she said.

Hoffmann may be contacted at

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