Letters to the editor

March 12, 2004

A gift from above

To the editor:

This letter is in recognition of an agency that truly is a gift from God. In times of need, Lutheran Social Services/Hospice took over with complete care of a dying loved one and made the transition easier for her and supported those left behind. The nurses, nurses aides, social worker, physical therapist and all others involved were professional, yet very compassionate, with their care. I have total respect and support for all those individuals who are a part of this organization.

In closing, I just wanted to thank Lutheran Social Services/Hospice for all that they have done for us. We can never repay them.

Alfred R. Brown
Sherri Brechbiel
Tina Warfield
Greencastle, Pa.

If proud of it, let Bush run on record

To the editor:

Charles Krauthammer, in a recent article, criticizes the Democrats for criticizing the Bush National Guard service, his pointless and ruinous war, his environmental policies and his relationship with big-business people like Ken Lay. Then he proposes that the Republicans go after John Kerry and his "breathtaking penchant for reversing course for political convenience." He says Kerry changed his mind about the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq war, voted against $87 billion for troop support and Iraqi reconstruction, voted for the No Child Left Behind Act, which he now attacks and now decries the Patriot Act, which he voted for.


Joshua Muravchik, of the American Enterprise Institute, in another article criticizes Kerry for voting against numerous military programs, for fighting against the "military- industrial complex," for his opposition to the Reagan invasion of Grenada, for providing medical aid to El Salvador, for not supporting the contras in Nicaragua and for changing his mind about using force in Iraq.

History is already judging issues such as the dangers of the military-industrial complex and many people have changed their minds about Bush policies.

To name a few, the Bush National Guard service has not yet been satisfactorily explained by the president; the misrepresentations of the administration as reasons for starting the war and the present unsettled situation in the Middle East are well-documented. The No Child Left Behind Act is being roundly criticized by educators and is being revised by the president and the secretary of education.

And the Patriot Act is under fire all over the country and hundreds of local municipalities have passed resolutions criticizing the act.

The Reagan invasion of Grenada has never been justified as a necessary military action. The history of Iran-Contra and the lies Ronald Reagan told about his involvement are well-known. Eleven people were indicted for criminal conduct during Reagan's term in office and George H.W. Bush pardoned Casper Weinberger and several others who might have testified that he (Bush) was "in the loop."

Ed Gillespie, RNC chairman, accuses the Democrats of waging a dirty campaign by criticizing the president. If the Bush people are proud of what the president has done and if they can defend his activities in office for the last 31/2 years, they should stick with justification of such things as his environmental record, the horrendous national debt and our unemployment and poverty situation.

Harold G. Martin
Waynesboro, Pa.

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