Mail Call

March 06, 2004

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I heard about the slots. If they don't have the slots, they will have to raise the taxes again. What happened to the lottery? Wasn't the lottery supposed to take care of that?"

"I am calling with regards to the March 1 column which refers to a Kentucky Coffee Tree and where it can be found in Hagerstown. The comment indicates that it may be the last one in the country. But we have two in our backyard, so I am sure it's not such an unusual species of a tree."


"I am calling about the article in the paper about Vice President Cheney coming to Hagers-town for a fund-raiser. I think it's terrible that a local businessman would say that 'he came for the circus atmosphere.' I think he is no better than what the Dixie Chicks said about the president. What do other people think about a local businessman saying something like this about our vice president?"

"I wish the new Fidelity Bank that took over Home Federal would put its branch back into the Giant Eagle. It was so nice to go there and shop and also do my banking and not have to make two stops. Please consider this."

"All these people complaining about John Kerry's patriotism during the Vietnam era. Let me tell you something, if he could come to my house and show me three Purple Hearts, a Silver Star and a Bronze Star and plus the fact that he saved a man's life, then perhaps I would listen to him."

"On the upcoming presidential election, I summed it up this way: If you feel that the gay cause is the right way to go, then you should vote for Kerry. He is definitely going to take care of them and I don't want my tax money being spent for that. But if you feel that Bush is a strong leader with good religious principles, and he is tough on terrorism then you should vote for him, which I will do."

"I really feel sorry for our country if Kerry is elected president. If you think our country is in bad shape now, if Kerry gets in there, it will never be the same. He will destroy everything."

"It seems to me that a lot of intolerant people are calling Mail Call and bashing a lot of things. Especially gay people in general. If two gay people want to get married, who cares? It's not like straight people have done such a great job of the institution of marriage."

"Thanks to the person who cut down the tree at the end of Falling Waters Road. Now I can see to get out onto Spielman Road. But you have one more to cut down."

"I just read a very distressing article in the paper. Once again about Dr. Morgan from the Board of Education saying she recommended that the school board close the Job Development Center. Obviously, this woman doesn't have a handicapped child in her family or knows anyone that has a handicapped child. I would hope that Dr. Morgan would resign. Get this woman out of this position."

"The city did a great job on the new sidewalk at the far west end of Salem Avenue. This will greatly enhance the safety of the children walking home from school in that area. But I have another complaint, the speeding in that area from the people going in and out of Hagerstown, it's still a dangerous speedway. Tackle that problem and the city will be a whole lot safer."

"Just a real quick congratulations to Frank Murray, who previously served at the Community Rescue. I was there during 1977 to 1983. I served under him and he was and still is an amazing contribution to the community. So to Frank, named top citizen, congratulations."

"Why blame the present mayor for problems in the city when he has no vote on anything that takes place. We have five council members who can't agree on anything, good or bad."

"I agree with the caller who said that Tim Rowland's article on the airport runway was a good one. It was a very good one and I will vote against any commissioner who wants to put that runway in. They are wasting our money."

"Just a news flash for the person who said about gay marriages and people going to church. Here's a news flash for you, hardly anyone goes to church anymore."

"My name is Karen and I would like to thank you for putting my Mail Call in about the dog that was lost. He was returned to his owners and there was a little girl who was very happy to get her puppy back."

"You can call or go to any fire station and tell them that you need a smoke detector put in your home and I am pretty sure that they will put one in for you."

"I think that former Mayor Bob Bruchey should run for mayor next year. It's time to get rid of the one we have. It's time to bring good old Bob back."

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