Voters' voices

March 03, 2004

"It will be interesting, how it (the election) plays out. There are a lot of topics out there and people ought to be getting involved."

- George Parrish, 46, Hagerstown

"I hope George Bush isn't re-elected. Bill Clinton lied about one thing and no one got hurt. There's not a hundred thousand troops at war because of what Bill Clinton lied about."

- John Roberts, 42, Hagerstown

"It's pretty bad we live in the 21st century and human mating is the topic of the day."

- Sean Jernigan, 37, Hagerstown

"This is a pivotal election in the history of our country. It depends on who gains the White House and how policies over the next four years will be affected."

- John Bryan, 26, Hagertown

" The candidates have been kind and professional. There's controversy, but it's more low key - not so upfront and on the table."


- Rich Ross, 57, Hagerstown

" I support the president and I'm against gay marriage. As a registered Democrat I'm not real pleased with the Democrats."

- Jeff Popp, 47, Hagerstown

"I loved Clinton," she said. "I'm tired of the dull, stuffy, old men."

- Vicki Miller, 56, Hagerstown

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