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Blast from the past

March 03, 2004

Week of Feb. 29, 1954

Eight loaded coal cars of a B&O freight train were demolished in a derailment that cut both of the Western Maryland Railway's main lines to Cumberland near Williamsport yesterday. No injuries were reported.

A 14-year-old Hagerstown girl, Joyce Larson, 124 Calvert Terrace, recently passed a Federal Communications Test for "novices" in amateur radio. The ninth-grade Woodland Way student expects to receive her call letter within a few weeks.

Mrs. Robert Snyder of Beaver Creek couldn't believe her eyes when she looked out the window yesterday afternoon.

A good-sized deer, about 15 feet away, stared her right in the face. She and other members of the family watched for a few minutes, and the deer finally jumped a fence in the yard of her neighbor, Mrs. Frank Newcomer. When last seen, the animal was headed for a nearby cemetery.

Week of Feb. 29, 1979

As the snow begins to melt and the days get longer, many readers of The Herald-Mail have called with the news that the first robin has appeared in their yard.


But according to Don Cutchall, member of Washington County Ornithological Society, "It is a popular misconception that all robins migrate south for the winter."

It's not often that a jail inmate gets awarded for honesty. But Washington County Detention Center prisoners Michael Garry and Craig Himes are exceptions.

The two men were cleaning up the courthouse on a work detail when they found a purse lying on the floor of the tax assessor's office. It contained more than $300 in cash. They turned the purse over to authorities and got a reward for their efforts - each became $5 richer.

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