Mail Call

February 28, 2004

"Attention, voters of Washington County. On March 2, don't elect anyone to the school board who has a spouse that is a school teacher or works for the Board of Education. All they want to do is raise your taxes to fund their ridiculous budget so they can get a pay raise for their own family."

"I just wanted to congratulate Kathleen Lynch on the awards she received on Saturday at Kepler Theater. The award for Quality of Life, the award for Performing Arts and the award from Hagerstown Business College, her scholarship to go to college. We are very proud of you. You did a wonderful job and we hope you continue the good work."

"I want to let people know that it's not the cable company that wants to add the extra fees, it is the County Commissioners. So if you have a problem, contact the commissioners, not the cable company."


"People who have a gambling problem, not having slot machines in Maryland won't fix it. They will go to Delaware, they will go to West Virginia, they will take their money and their revenue with them. It's not to make gambling a problem, it's to give people a chance, who want to do it, just for fun, a place to do it. A severe gambling addict will find a way, just like an alcoholic, no matter what you do."

"Thank God we have a president like Bush, who will stand up to gay marriages. Not only is it wrong, against the law, it is against religion also. These liberal judges were appointed by Clinton and our president now stood up to the gays and now he is being attacked by the liberal media and everyone for gay marriage."

"I think we should leave the deer situation to DNR. Anyone who knows anything about wildlife knows that. That deer was either raised in captivity or had a disease. No deer is that tame unless it is one of the two."

"Enough about Bucky already. Put it to rest."

"Enough of Bucky already, come November when hunting season comes in, in Maryland. Bucky is going to be turned into Jerky."

"I wanted to make a warning to anyone out there, I bought a Ouija board and spooky things are happening in my house. The doors are opening and shut and I saw something that looked like a demon. Beware, people, these things are true and the only way I could get this out of my home is to call on the Lord."

"There was a vacuum cleaner place in the South End Shopping Center across from South Hagerstown High School. The store was right beside AAA. Does anyone know what happened to the man? He told me he was going in the hospital and his family would be taking over his business. The next week, the whole store was gone. Please respond in Mail Call as to what has happened to the man. I sure would like to know how he is doing."

"I tell you, if Bucky would have walked up on my porch, I would have turned him into deer bologna."

"I am a Mail Call reader and I was just reading about people putting chairs where they shoveled. Good going, do it again. We should have a right to park where it's shoveled out. We didn't do all that work so the lazy people who didn't shovel out can park there."

"I am a single mother of four children. I have one of those deadbeat dads. I have a full- time job and I make a car payment, yet after paying rent, utilities, car payment, car insurance, gas, I don't have much left to pay for food for my children. But yet when I went to apply for food stamps at the Washington County Department of Social Services, they told me that I make too much money and they don't take into consideration that I have a car payment and pay car insurance. I don't understand because the lady down the street from me works part time, but doesn't have a car, has three children and yet she can get $450 a month to feed her three children. I don't understand how this system works. They think just because you have a car to get back and forth to work that it is considered a luxury."

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