Six seek job as Washington Township supervisor

February 26, 2004|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Six men sat one at a time before the Washington Township Board of Supervisors Wednesday night and made their pitch to fill the board's vacant position.

The vacancy was created when veteran board member Richard Eigenbrode announced in January that he was stepping down for health reasons. Eigenbrode, 70, had served as supervisor for 17 years.

Eigenbrode's term expires Dec. 31, 2005. The person selected will serve until then. Supervisors serve four-year terms.

Supervisors Chairman Art Cordell said the board would announce its choice for Eigenbrode's replacement on Monday.

The six candidates are Jeff Zody of 11704 Wharf Road, Waynesboro; Stanley McIntire, 72, of 15383 Orchard Ave., Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.; John Gorman, 44, of 12894 Monterey Lane, Blue Ridge Summit; Richard Evans, 65, of 13871 Gardner Ave., Waynesboro; Carroll Sturm, 66, of 11525 Hearthwood Drive, Waynesboro; and Richard Mohn Jr., 45, of 13160 Iroquois Trail, Waynesboro.


The supervisors asked a battery of questions and gave each applicant an opportunity for a final statement. Each interview lasted 10 minutes.

The applicants were asked:

  • Why they wanted the seat.

  • What they thought is the township's best attribute for its residents.

  • How the township will look in 20 years.

  • What single thing they would change.

The issue of growth also was the topic of several questions and the subject of many answers.

Zody, who ran for supervisor last year and lost, said he would promote the township's west end.

McIntire said he can bring nearly 50 years of living in the township plus his experience in a military career to the table.

Gorman said he wants to serve to give something back to his community.

Evans, who often sits in the audience when the supervisors meet, said he wants to serve so he can take an active part in township issues.

Sturm, who said he moved to Washington Township four years ago, would bring his expertise in engineering to the board.

Mohn said the board needs to have someone his age to represent the township's younger residents.

Supervisors earn $65 per meeting or up to $3,250 a year.

Wednesday was the deadline for submitting applications for the position.

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