Mail Call

February 26, 2004

"Could someone tell me how come some people can go to bingo and win all the big money all the time and one who goes every night and can't win a penny? And then why can the workers sit down and play and win the big money, too? Can someone explain this to me when we go every night and can't win a penny?"

"My father just recently turned 75 years old and like most folks his age his health is going downhill. Due to me being too busy with my own personal life, I never found enough time to spend time or do things with my dad as he grew older. I did the birthday, Christmas and Father's Day things and felt justified. How wrong I was. My dad is now bedridden and in lots of pain. So I decided to be a good son and throw him a birthday party. With all the kids and grandkids around I thought he would be on the top of the world. But I noticed that he didn't seem too happy, so I asked him why. His response was short and simple but it knocked me flat. 'Where were you when I felt good and could really enjoy things like this?' Now I'm sick and really don't care. I hadn't cried for a long time, but I did then. I since then resolved to spend all the time I can with my dad, but I don't know if I can ever forgive myself. Don't be a fool and learn the hard way to find out how important your parents are. Spend as much time with them as you can."


"Just a request to the people who wait on their relatives, friends or whatever in City Market. Please don't leave your trucks or vehicles running when you are sitting there at the handicapped place. We get tired of breathing in your fumes. It is nice that you want to sit and wait on people, but be considerate of other people, too. Turn off them motors."

"I read in the paper Feb. 19 that Sheriff Mades was accused by a woman who says that he touched her in the wrong place. This is why no woman should be a guard or a deputy. Let them do a woman's job. I am a mother, grandmother and taxpayer. Sheriff Mades is not that stupid."

"President Bush, stay out of Haiti. We have enough killing in Iraq. We have enough debt. Stay out of Haiti and let them handle their affairs."

"I'm calling in regards to starting a fund-raiser for Bucky to acquire funds for him to pay for medical treatment for a psychiatrist because with all the signs and symptoms that we read about in the paper I'm sure he is a deerophobic."

"I was reading in the Parade magazine that comes in the Sunday paper and it asks who you think is the world's worst dictator. I found it a little odd that the president of the United States wasn't listed in with them. After what he has done to this country, he's right up there with all the rest of them."

"Hey, how about somebody in downtown Hagerstown start selling lottery tickets for people who can't walk very far, so they can get their tickets right downtown. That would be a really nice gesture with everything coming down."

"Wondering who to contact in regards to get the city and county buildings - especially the steps - marked somehow, or else have railings at each one of them so people with handicaps don't have a hard time with them and don't take a chance on falling down the steps. For instance, on the side steps at City Market, all there is there is a sign 'watch your step,' but there's four steps there, not just one. Please put it in Mail Call so I know who to contact."

"Just wanted to say thanks to the person or persons who turned in my wallet to Kmart. Very much appreciated."

"David Smith's editorial says that there's not a single job anywhere in America that union workers would refuse to perform. Well, yeah, if you paid fruit pickers and vegetable pickers $30 an hour and hired twice as many of them as it takes to do the job now, I'm sure union people would do it. Not realistic, though. The unions complain about the outsourcing of American jobs, but they should look in the mirror first."

"I would like to know why it costs $7,086 per child to go to school for one year, but if you go to a private school, it costs less than $3,000. I think the taxpayers here are getting ripped off."

"I really don't understand why people park in their yard when they have perfectly good places to park in the road. Some even have a driveway, but they choose to park in their yard. What's up with that?"

"I just wanted to thank the couple for saving Bucky. We should nominate Bucky for president."

"I'm calling out to our community. North Hagerstown High School color guard is in dire need of the use of a gym, warehouse or large open area from now through the end of March. If anyone out there in our community can help, please contact the band director at North Hagerstown High School, 301-766-8238. We have exhausted all of our contacts. Thank you on behalf of North High parents."

"I would like to know why the school system is charging fees to use the fields. I can maybe understand why they charge to use buildings or classrooms. But why do they charge fees for athletic groups to use fields on school property to have soccer practice, lacrosse practice, baseball practice? If they are not using the school, I don't see why they should be charged to use a field outside."

"The anti-gun crowd in Maryland has stated the reason they want to ban semi-auto rifles in Maryland is because they are only used to kill people. However, according to the FBI's latest crime report, only one tenth of one percent are used for illegal purposes in the entire United States. Who would you rather believe, the anti-gun crowd in Maryland or the FBI?"

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