Proposed park projects delayed

February 19, 2004|by TARA REILLY

Facing uncertainty over how much Washington County will receive in open space money from the state, the County Commissioners decided this week that 18 proposed park projects will be delayed at least a year.

The commissioners, however, accepted the recommendations of the Washington County Recreation and Parks Board to give $107,000 in open space money toward five projects.

Those proposed projects include building a new park in the north end of the county and another in the area of Tammany Manor off Virginia Avenue.


Jim Sterling, the county's director of buildings, grounds and parks, said it's possible Washington County may receive less than the approximately $400,000 expected from the state in Program Open Space money.

He said he's spoken with state officials who have told him the county may receive about $300,000 or a little less because of state budget constraints.

State officials originally said Washington County would receive about $400,000, which was about the same amount as last year, Sterling said.

"We're hoping for the best," Sterling said.

He said the amount of open space money to the county fluctuates depending on the shape of the state's economy.

The projects that will receive the open space dollars are:

  • The planned new North County Park behind the YMCA on Eastern Boulevard. Sterling said. The park would include soccer fields, picnic pavilions, restrooms, paved parking lots and playground equipment.

    The estimated cost of the park is $407,746. It will receive $25,000 in open space dollars if commissioners approve the park, Sterling said.

  • Two sand volleyball courts and four horseshoe pits at the Washington County Agricultural Center for $12,000. That project would be paid for entirely with open space money.

  • Overlaying of school tennis courts at Clear Spring Park, Woodland Way Park, Hancock High School and Doubs Woods Park. The improvements would cost $397,886, with $30,000 funded with open space money.

  • The planned new Tammany Park on Tammany Park Road near Tammany Manor, off Virginia Avenue.

    The park would include a basketball court, volleyball court, horseshoe pits, small picnic shelter and playground equipment. Construction of the park would cost $94,000 and open space money would fund $40,000 of that.

  • Resurfacing the track at South Hagerstown High School. That project would receive $55,000 in open space money.

Sterling said park projects proposed by municipalities in Washington County probably would receive some of the county's open space money, depending on how much the county is given by the state.

Maryland counties receive Program Open Space money each year from the state to pay for the acquisition of open land or the development of parks and recreation facilities.

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