Long-distance romance leads to 5-year marriage

February 14, 2004

In 1945, six months after her graduation from Hancock High School, Dorcas Creek enrolled in the national Cadet Nurse Corps program at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She had grown up on a farm on Sideling Hill, and the city was quite a culture shock, she says.

The war ended, but she completed the program, and, from March to August of 1948, she volunteered at an Indian hospital in Tacoma, Wash.

The city had held a Daffodil Parade - with blossom-decorated cars and floats - every April since 1934, except for the war years.

The young nurse and her friends planned to take buses into town for the event.

One of the girls was dating a fellow who had a brother-in-law who owned a car. They offered to drive a few of the girls to the parade. Dorcas Creek took the ride instead of the bus. The guy with the car was Robert Cox from New Mexico.


They dated for a couple of months - he asked her to marry, but she said no. She didn't know him that well and wanted to get back East.

The pair corresponded by mail for a couple of years. Bob Cox went to work in Salisbury, Md., for a time and visited Creek in Hancock.

By the summer of 1950, the young nurse was working in obstetrics at the Carlisle, Pa., hospital. She and her sister, Bertha, a student at Frostburg State College, had been planning a road trip to Canada in Dorcas Creek's 1939 Ford.

Shortly before their planned departure, Bob Cox showed up - unannounced.

"I couldn't just cancel our trip," she says. "You just don't do that."

Dorcas Creek didn't know if Cox would be in the area when she returned from her trip.

He was. He had gotten a job.

Dorcas Creek and Bob Cox were married Nov. 18, 1950. The couple had two children and three grandchildren. The Coxes were married 51 years before Bob Cox died two years ago.

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