Late-night ride leads to romance

February 13, 2004

Gene Grosh of Clear Spring writes that he met his wife while he was working at construction in her hometown of Aberdeen, Md., in 1950.

Lorraine Pyle, then 18, was a waitress at a diner where Grosh and his friends went to eat.

"If you treat her nice and tip her good, she will feed us good," Grosh's friends told him.

After about a week "the guys" insisted that Grosh, 21 at the time, ask her for a date.

"I finally got up the nerve and asked her what time she got off from work," Grosh writes.

"Too late for you, big boy," she replied.

That gave the guys something to tease Grosh about, so he made up his mind he would wait for her to get off at midnight - and he had to get up at 4 in the morning.

After a week of his waiting, Lorraine let Gene take her home in his '49 pickup.


Fifty-three years and eight children later, Lorraine, 71, and Gene, 75, still like to go for a ride at midnight.

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