Mail Call

February 13, 2004

"I wish I had access to Mail Call before I ever moved here because if I did, I wouldn't have moved here. Now I see what the people are like here and I see what the government isn't like. I can see now why people are so unhappy here."

"I just read the article about the task force for the rezoning. This smells really fishy, just like a lot of other things in this area. Why was this on the inside of the paper, when it should have been on the front page? The citizens of this county, should be outraged."

"I am calling to tell anyone who found a black plastic case with a stereo face inside of it in the Sam's Club parking lot or the store. Please return it to the Sam's Club and if you give your name and phone number, there will be a small reward. Again it is a black plastic case that contains a stereo face for a Kenwood Stereo."


"I live in Boonsboro and I was wondering why the Boonsboro Cemetery has not been plowed open."

"I have read with interest the questions put to the Board of Ed's candidates about what programs or staff would they cut to lower the budget. I kept waiting to read one mention about starting at the top with the present school board members and everyone working there at the main office. Please print for the public a listing of all positions clear down to the janitors. List their position, how many are in that position and their salary. I know for a fact that some of the higher positions get the most and the highest raises. Please look first at the teachers and the students for their programs. They should never be considered for any cuts. Don't forget, we are still the only schools in the Tri-State area with an all-day kindergarten."

"The city code applies to any age homeowner or tenant."

"I fell the other night and I couldn't get up. A man in a white van stopped and helped me up and made sure I was OK. I didn't get his name but I wanted to say thanks again for helping me up. You are a very nice man. God bless you."

"I hope everyone saw the picture and write up about Frank Murray, who was so dedicated to the Community Rescue Service. For 20 years, 10 of those which he served as chief of Hagerstown Community Rescue Service. He is retired now and suffers from MS. Maybe he helped your family. Please send him a thank you card or even a Valentine's card. His address is Frank Murray, 518 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown, MD 21740."

"I live on Mitchell Avenue and sometime if you have time, go down Mitchell Avenue and see what we have to put up with concerning the snow and ice. I am on a fixed income and I have spent so far $30 to have my car shoveled and so forth. When you go away, someone else takes your spot, I know it's not my spot, but we did all the work and someone else takes it. But the city has only taken care of the main streets in the city. This is horrible and this is the worst I have seen this city in my entire life. Also the potholes, I realize you can't do anything until the weather breaks, but everyone is going to have to have their cars realigned. Get your act together before you start charging all these people."

"I found a South Hagerstown High School graduation ring. There is an engraving inside with the name of "Lant." My number is 301-797-5452. Again, it's a South High graduation ring. Please describe the ring. It was found at Long Meadow Bowl in the girl's bathroom."

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