Ice cream parlor set stage for life's journey

February 13, 2004

In 1956, following her college graduation, while teaching at Towson Senior High School in Baltimore County, Md., Susan Mullendore accompanied her roommates to a restaurant - Murray's Ice Cream Parlor - for a snack.

Three young men at the next table were watching and started flirting - asking for the salt, then pepper for their burgers - obvious excuses for conversation.

They continued talking at their parked cars. They shared phone numbers.

A few days later, Bill Freed, the one who had Susan's phone number, called. Additional phone calls resulted in a couple of dates, one of which consisted of Bill Freed waxing Susan's car.

"This made a huge and lasting impression," Susan Freed wrote.

The pair dated for more than a year, became engaged and were married in 1957.

They came to Washington County in 1961, Bill Freed with a Johns Hopkins University mechanical engineering degree to work at Mack Trucks Inc.


In 1966, he became pastor at Broadfording Bible Brethren Church.

Now, 46 wedding anniversaries, four children and six grandchildren later, they still remember where it all began - Murray's Ice Cream Parlor.

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