Greencastle School District to study athletic programs

February 11, 2004|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - The president of the Greencastle-Antrim School Board said Monday he will appoint a special committee to look into complaints from nearly 40 parents who expressed concerns about some of the school district's athletics policies.

Ronald Troskoski said he wants the committee to review the schools' athletics policies during the remainder of the school year. Any recommendations from the committee would not go into effect until the new school year begins in the fall, he said.

Michele Emmett, a parent who spoke out against the athletics policies at a January board meeting, said Monday she is pushing for a "no-cut" policy in school athletics - one that would allow all children to play competitive school sports regardless of their ability.


As it is now, a coach can move a student in a lower class to a team of older classmates if that student excels in a particular sport.

As Troskoski explained it, the policy for sports is similar to one that rewards a gifted academic student by moving him or her into an advanced class.

Emmett, of 329 Grant St., said she wants the policy changed because it results in students being dropped from some teams because teams allow only so many players.

"I would like to see a no-cut policy, especially in the middle school," Emmett said.

She said she has two sons in the school system and both are good athletes who have had no problems with the policies.

Troskoski appointed Gregory Hoover, the district's director of elementary education, to chair the eight-member committee.

Other members include Jack Appleby, director of secondary education; Delbert Myers, the district's athletic director; and school board members Pamela Ott, Jill Patterson, Howard Ritchey and David Delauter.

He said he also will appoint a teacher/head coach to the committee.

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