Mail Call

February 11, 2004

"City Councilman Aleshire blames The Herald-Mail for hyping up the issue on snow removal. He only says that because it wasn't him or his parents or grandparents that got charged more than $200 to remove a little bit of snow. The way he threw a fit about walking his dog around City Park, he has a lot of room to talk about hyping up an issue."

"I saw where someone was asking about Denny's Pretzels. We too used to buy them in 1954, and I also wondered where you can buy them now or if anyone makes them under a different name now. I saw on the news where there is a $25 fine for not removing snow in Baltimore City and Annapolis or you could hire someone to do it for $10 or $20. Why so much here?"

- Williamsport

"I just read in the paper where the city of Annapolis, Md., which is mainly a walking town, only fines their folks $25 after a warning of not clearing their sidewalks off. These folks in town that have already paid more than $200 in fines should be reimbursed."


"I was calling to thank the state employees for such a wonderful job they are doing for the highways to keep the traffic flow moving. They were cleaning out ditches so the water wouldn't go out into the road."

"It's odd that when repairs are needed on the sidewalks, the homeowners are responsible, but when there is snow or ice that needs to be removed, the sidewalk belongs to the city."

"I just want to say that I am 86 and have arthritis so bad and haven't been able to get to my mailbox for a week now. I sent my water bill in and I put it in the envelope, but I forgot to put the postage on it. They received it, opened it, put my check in one of their envelopes and sent it back to me, telling me I needed more postage. Why didn't they go ahead and keep the check, and I could have mailed them the 37 cents later or even a dollar."

"For Jim on Main Avenue, thanks for shoveling our sidewalk and our cars during the past storm."

"I just cleaned out a storm drain, can I charge the city $200?"

"I am calling about the person who said that $35,000 is too much for a teacher to make a year and that he and his wife don't even make that much together a year. I am a teacher and I have been teaching for more than five years now. Yes, I make $35,000 a year and that is exactly what I make and that is what I have been making for the past five years. I am not only a teacher, I am a guidance counselor, I am a breakfast attendant and a mother to these children. How can you justify that and how is that fair? So if you think $35,000 is too much for being a teacher, then you come and volunteer in my classroom and see exactly what I do for a measly $35,000 a year. Then you wouldn't judge that."

"I sure do pity that poor old lady who was fined for not shoveling snow off her sidewalk. This is a disgrace on the city's part, to treat an 80-year-old lady like this, plus you should return her money to her. Shame on our city officials."

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