Blast from the past

February 11, 2004

Week of Feb. 8, 1954

Clarence A. Lee, Funkstown insurance agent, came up with one for Ripley this week.

Lee said he was stabbed by a sheep and has a limp to prove it. He said that while trimming the wool of one of his ewes the other day the rascal kicked out, knocking a sharp-pointed scissors from his hand. The point of the scissors pierced his right ankle, necessitating a trip to the hospital for first aid.

Considering the size of Hagerstown, there are far more convictions for drunken driving here, based on the number of motor vehicle operators, than there are in Washington, D.C.

Last year 80 motorists were convicted of drunken driving in Hagerstown, while a news report from Washington, D.C., said there were 87 convictions in that city.


Willard F. Hart, of 14 Snyder Ave., was watching his fishing pole yesterday at Kemp's Mill, and didn't see a big white bird hovering over him.

He got the surprise of his life when the swan plumped down in the creek right beside him. Hart suspects the swan was from City Park in Hagerstown and had taken a short flight and came down in the creek to rest.

Week of Feb. 8, 1979

Arson cases and false alarms have shown a dramatic increase since the first of the year, according to the Hagerstown Bureau of Fire Prevention. That's the bad news.

The good news is that arrests on both types of cases are up, also dramatically. Three incidents of false alarms have resulted in arrests and two cases of arson also have resulted in arrests this year.

Gail Reeder of Boonsboro won $2,050 in the Jan. 31 drawing of Maryland State Lottery's Big Money Game.

Eighty students in Washington County have been classified as non-English speaking. The students come from Thailand, France, India and Vietnam. They speak Russian, Tagalog, Persian or Spanish.

Reading teachers and volunteer students are being trained to tutor non-English speaking pupils.

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