Mail Call

February 06, 2004

"Washington County's All-County Band had two outstanding performances at North High on Saturday, Jan. 31. It was a shame that the superintendent of schools could not find the time to recognize the achievements and talents of these students. Dr. Morgan makes $100,000 plus and is given transportation to all these kinds of events, but she was just too busy to be present. She really missed out on an awesome program."

"City of Hagerstown, don't just fine property owners for not shoveling their walkways. Fine the road crews for not doing their jobs correctly. These streets are a mess."

"Here we go again, streets in Hagerstown are in horrible conditions and snow plow drivers driving with their plows not in use. What gives?"

"In reference to some of the articles about the lady not shoveling her sidewalk and getting fined. It's really interesting how Tim Rowland and Bob Maginnis, who don't live in the city, who don't have walks to shovel, can ride into town to work, where everything is plowed and get out and go to work. Maybe if they lived in the city, where they should, before they criticize the city, they could find out what the problems are. It doesn't matter whether you are 86 or 1 years old, rules are rules and I think they should do more investigative reporting. My understanding is that the city advised these people first. I know because I am a councilperson's spouse."


"If the city expects me to have my sidewalks shoveled 10 hours after it snows, then I expect my street plowed 10 hours after it snows or I want a partial refund of my tax money that I pay every year."

"I am a subscriber to the newspaper and I think Mail Call does a very nice job, but I think there should be a limit of six lines per call."

"Tim Rowland, you are wonderful, you really got it on the button and I love ya for it. That is the best thing I have ever read about snow removal in your Feb. 2 column. You are the best!"

"If anyone has the address for the young man who was trying to collect a million Matchbox cars, please leave it in Mail Call. My wife and I have some that we would like to send him."

"Your president wants an independent commission to decide about the intelligence failures leading up to the war on Iraq. 'Independent' would mean that the president has nothing to do with it. That's not the case. 'Independent' would mean that they would release the report when they are ready, not after the election, so Bush could steal another election. If the president lied, then he should admit it; if he didn't, he should let the truth come out before the election, so the American people can make an intelligent decision. That would be the 50 percent of Americans who even bother to vote at all."

"In reference to the commissioners passing this tax increase for high-speed Internet in the schools. Believe me, when they start this and start tacking on $5 or $10 to our bills, we will get Digital TV and we will not have cable, so they won't make any money at all and I am sure that I won't be the only one to do this."

"I want to congratulate my daughter, Christina Robinson, for making the honor roll again. I am very proud of you, from your mother."

"For about the past year, I have been working at Bethel Gardens in the Jonathan Street area and I would like to thank all my customers down in that area for their kindness. They are very friendly and a pleasure to see every day."

"I would to say that I really think that the brunette that delivers The Morning Herald in the South End area is really nice and is the best carrier that we have ever had."

"To the parent of the Washington County student who said about finding out at the last minute about school being canceled or delayed or having to call a long distance number. You can watch Channel 99, there are updates every two minutes."

"The Super Bowl game Sunday, both teams played good football, but the halftime show was a total disgrace. If that is the only talent available, they would have been better off with nothing."

" I live on Linganore Avenue and I want to thank Mike House for doing our pavements whenever it snows."

"While the city is charging old women to clear their sidewalks, the police station remains one of the worst offenders on Franklin Street. Why the double standard?"

"I was in Valley Mall with some friends and their young ones. A few of us needed something right away, but couldn't get it because there is no drug store in Valley Mall. I think a drug store at the mall would be nice."

"I just read in the paper where this 86-year-old woman was fined for not shoveling her sidewalk. What is it with the city, do they have a kind heart or not? Why couldn't they go up there and shovel her out for nothing? What are they trying to do, get all the money they can? That is sad that they would do that to an old lady."

"Anyone who watched the halftime show on Sunday could plainly see that Justin deliberately exposed Janet's breast. She knew it. Why else would she have a pastie over it?"

"We have one of the biggest snow angels in Clear Spring. His name is Tony."

- Clear Spring

"About 40 years ago, a local family made extremely thin hard pretzels. I believe they were called Denny's Pretzels. The family's last name was Snyder. Does anyone remember them or have a recipe for making these delicious pretzels?"

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