Letters to the editor

February 04, 2004

Road to nowhere

To the editor:

Under the persistent tutelage of Gary Rohrer, director of public works, the Washington County Commissioners have been convinced that a new, one-mile long, four-lane road on the northern end of Robinwood Drive is needed to direct traffic away from the old built-up area.

And this is based on "traffic count." I don't believe that for a minute. The new roadway through a quiet, upper middle class neighborhood that goes absolutely nowhere does not make sense. And when "things don't make sense" there is always a hidden agenda. The affected community would really like to know what that is.

When asked to explain why there was never serious consideration to an easterly route to Md. 64, it is always "too costly." What are the other advantages to cutting through perfectly groomed properties on Partridge Trail? Could it be commercial development along the new road, or maybe extension of the sewer system into another 50 homes in the area? What is this closed-mouth administration's real program?


Why isn't there a call for public hearings to show the community why this "road to nowhere" is so vital to the public safety?

A new roadway from Eastern Boulevard to Robinwood, which is in the planning, will take a big part of the north Robinwood traffic away from the built-up area. Improvements to Whitehall Road could furnish a vital easterly bypass to the already improved Mount Aetna Road for the Smithsburg and Pennsylvania traffic. This would represent a "real solution" to the so-called problem.

We all wish for a more transparent county government. I think we deserve that.

Ned A. Garrett

Give Edwards a close look

To the editor:

With the March 2 primary right around the corner, we would like to encourage readers in Maryland, (and voters in the surrounding area) to take a look at Sen. John Edwards, a candidate for the Democratic party.

We believe that Sen. Edwards has the right vision for this country. His message of optimism and hope resonates with each speech that he gives. He has strong morals, a humble background and worked extremely hard to get where he is today.

His "Solutions for America" describe concrete answers to the problems that plague this nation today, issues such as poverty, affordable college education, affordable health care, tax reform, civil rights issues, making America safer, the loss of American jobs to foreign countries, and a better educational system for our children, to name a few.

You can learn of Sen. Edwards' policies, as well as his background, on If you are interested in joining with us to help Edwards' campaign, please contact us, through e-mail, under Hagerstown, Maryland, at To borrow a phrase from Edwards' speech, "Together we can do this. Yes we can!"

Doris and Randy Butler

Do you hate us equally?

To the editor:

This letter is in response to "Stay in the closet" written by Mark Dressler on Jan. 27. Your first point is correct: People should not use profanity, just for the fact that is shows an uneducated person with poor language skills. I would also like to thank you for saying that homosexuals in this great nation of ours do have rights.

Has there been one homosexual who has wronged you? Or do you hate all of us equally? If I were to meet you on the street and strike up a conversation with you, would your "Gaydar" go off and make you want to run and hide for fear that it may rub off on you? Could you even tell I were gay?

You, Mr. Dressler, are the kind of people who cause hatred, and if I must say, welcome it! Why should we go back in the closet; are we second-class citizens? Why should we have to watch heterosexuals "making out" all the time, when I cannot even put my arm around my partner of seven years for fear of being persecuted.

As for the "in you face" media, if you don't like what you are seeing, don't look at it! Are we really attacking you to the point where you cannot live your life as you see fit? How is who I love affecting you? Do you believe that murder is wrong? That is what happened to Matthew Shepherd, was that OK Mr. Dressler, just because he was, gay? The last time I checked it was, all men are created equal; there was no asterisk beside it that said unless you are gay! Again Mr. Dressler I ask you: How is who I love affecting you?

B. Murphy

Support Judge Moore

To the editor:

On Jan. 21, The Washington Times covered the visit of former Judge Roy Moore to members of the Maryland legislature. Moore spoke on his ordeal with the federal government ordering the removal of his Ten Commandments monument last year. He stated that the issue was not about the monument, but it was about God. Moore stated that in every state's constitution, including Maryland's, God is acknowledged.

Over the years the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization, which I have served as president for many years, has worked very hard to teach the ideas of Judge Moore. We have promoted through our tours the idea that the United States was founded on the principles of laws based on God's Ten Commandments. The CHCO has promoted the idea that this country, the world's oldest democratic republic, was founded by God-fearing Founding Fathers.

God has given us the greatest country in world history. Over the past several decades left-wing secularists in our country have worked to remove Almighty God from this nation. As citizens of the United States and the State of Maryland, we cannot permit this to happen. As our Founding Fathers would have, speak up and do not allow what happened in the great state of Alabama last year to happen again.

Edward W. Taylor Jr.
Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization

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