Mail Call

February 04, 2004

"I am responding to the write-up about the unreasonable prices that the city is charging for shoveling pavements. I am hoping that the people who receive these outrageous fees by the city are speaking out. However, folks, these fees are not intended to be reasonable, but intended to be a penalty fee. If you haven't had your sidewalk cleared in the allotted time, which is four hours, you probably had no intention of paying a youngster or anyone to clean it anyway. I used to walk in the frigid weather and snow, to shovel snow, only to be turned down by folks like you. Other people were happy to see me as paying $10 being more reasonable than paying the city fee. Now due to health reasons, I use a cane to get around and I am happy to see the city charging a fee. I think the commercial sidewalks are being charged the fee for not being shoveled, too. I have slipped and fallen in front of a restaurant because it wasn't shoveled yet or haven't been salted. Consider yourself well warned and get the sidewalk cleaned off."


"I certainly don't want my cable bill to go up $3 to $5 a month. If all county residents are supposed to benefit from high-speed Internet access, then let all county residents pay for it."

"We don't need a charter school for the arts in downtown. If they want a new charter school, let it be a technology science charter school. Where are people supposed to get a job around here in the arts? Focus on technology and the sciences, people."

"To the person who wanted a phone number because they have cards to give away. This is Eva again and I do collect cards, call me at 1-301-733-2830."

"Let's talk about deadbeat dads who don't care about their children and let's talk about the dads who pay support and do care about their children and then the mother refuses to let the father spend time with their children or see them, only when it's convenient for the mother. Also, the judges seem to listen to the mothers instead of the fathers and then everyone wonders why the fathers don't spend much time with their children."

"I want to thank Red of Red's Plumbing and Heating for finding my tool box and going to the trouble of finding the owner. Also for posting it in Mail Call where I found it. Just glad to know there are still honest people out there."

"You can tell there wasn't any school on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, because the roads were all caked up with snow and ice and then the next day they were out there cleaning it all for the school kids. The school kids aren't the ones that pay the taxes, the people that need to get out and go to work are the ones that pay the taxes."

"Instead of fining little old ladies, how about fining the stores downtown for not shoveling their ice and snow off their pavements and since North Mulberry, East Franklin, North Locust and East Avenue are considered downtown, how about fining them? They are never shoveled and the ice is never cleared off. You have to walk out in the street to get around the iced-up sidewalks. Even some businesses downtown are still like that."

"I picked up the paper last Friday and I see where a woman 68 years old got fined $233 because she didn't clean her sidewalk. I was downtown last Thursday at City Hall to pay my taxes, I gave them $2,000 for taxes and I had to go through messy sidewalks to even get into the building. The only sidewalks cleaned off real good downtown was in front of the courthouse. How can they hit a woman who was 88 and they can't even clean their own sidewalks in front of City Hall?"

"To the person who complained about the backhoe cleaning parking spaces on Spruce Street. First of all, it wasn't a city backhoe, it was an independent person whose father lives on Spruce and he also cleaned ours. Before you get your mouth in gear, get the facts straight before you blame the city for something they aren't doing. They are not taking your tax dollars. So keep your nose and your mouth shut. The city is out there busting their butts for people like you."

"I would like to thank my snow angel neighbor, Eddie on Maple Avenue in Smithsburg, for clearing out the parking places in front of my house. It was really sweet of him because I medically can't do it and my husband at the time had broken ribs. Thank you very much, Eddie, we really appreciate it."

"I can't believe that they fined an 80-some-year-old lady $233 for cleaning off her sidewalk, $78 for labor. This is ridiculous charging this 80-some-year-old woman all this money, what do you expect her to do, get out there and shovel it herself? And $45 for salt, come on, you didn't use that much salt. I hope everyone in Hagerstown raises cain about this."

"The snow removal fees and compliances are outrageous. Since they charge $100 administration fee, perhaps out of that $100 they could send $1 worth of postage to someone to tell them they aren't in compliance? This is one of the reasons the city should go under the county charter. This is just totally outrageous."

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