Letters to the editor

February 03, 2004

Funkstown lost a great friend

To the editor:

John Harrison Moore had a handshake that was as vigorous as his slap on the back of anyone that he encountered.

That handshake started back more than 36 years ago when John was a car salesman for the Massey Ford dealership in Hagerstown. John also belonged to the Hagerstown Lions Club for more than 30 years.

That handshake and his salesmanship helped John outshine all other selling Lions Pancake Day tickets. The club honored him recently by naming the John H. Moore Pancake Day, and giving him a lifetime membership.


That handshake got him a position on the Funkstown Planning Commission and the Funkstown Council where he became the official "greeter" at all Maryland Municipal League dinners. John was voted the V.I.P. of the year at the Funkstown Olde Tyme Picnic in 1993.

John was the sole person in persuading Bob Kline to run for Mayor as a write-in candidate for the office in 1980. The mayor was in the hospital recovering from surgery and John carried the forms to the hospital for signing and also returned them back to the election board.

Since his retirement 16 years ago, John worked many charities. One of his favorites was the Diabetes Association Breakfast for which he sold tickets and also was a great waiter at the function.

In the town of Funkstown where John and his wife "Hon" have lived for 50 years, there were two jobs that John did every day: Sweeping his sidewalk and phone-calling a long list of friends on their birthdays or anniversaries. The residents of this little community have lost a great friend, a never-tiring giver of time and a man who always took everything to heart.

Reatha Kline

Hello! Dean has delegate lead

To the editor:

Howard Dean currently is in the lead with already-committed delegates: Dean has 113 to Kerry's 94.

Gov. Dean may have placed third in Iowa and second in New Hampshire, but this race is far from over. When journalists refer to how candidates place in the primaries, they should also responsibly report how many delegates they already have. That points to "electability" as much as anything.

Far too many journalists like to suggest that a second-, third- or fourth-place finish in an early race should send a message to the candidate that they should pack it in...that the race is clearly all sewn up.

With a total of 2,161 delegates needed, the 50 from Iowa and 22 from N.H. could hardly point anyone in this race to an early victory.

After the smear campaign the media launched on Dean recently, I think someone in the media should report on the very important fact that Dean has more delegates than each of the other candidates. Don't you think?

Dorian Snow
Schwenksville, Pa.

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