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Letters to the editor

February 02, 2004

Blame people, not the doctrine

To the editor:

It is curious when a believer in Christianity berates a Christian for telling the truth, as Zachary Bennett did with his Jan. 27 letter. The Bible says seek the truth and the truth will set you free.

There is only one source of truth and principles for mankind, the Bible. It is factual - a believer in Christianity does not make a Christian: After all, Satan believes in God and tempted Jesus. I do not consider the slaughter of over 43 million babies in the name of choice any teaching of Jesus. This number, in the United States alone, equates to more casualties of all wars through history.

Now there exists a front to include euthanasia, defying the teachings of Jesus. When did Jesus teach perverted marriage or perverted sexual conduct sinless? When did Jesus teach abusing his name or his father's name sinless or in the context of freedom of speech? No rational- thinking Bible-believing Christian, would, or could possibly rationalize the U. S. as more Christianized today.


The truth is all nations and all peoples are of a sinful nature. A sinful nature without Christian principles equates to barbarism. Anything good from anyone is the result of applying Christian principles, believer or not. All nations and their peoples, by the sinful nature of man, will fall short of a perfect state of affairs. It never ceases to amaze me how some people, mostly liberal, projecting their views always seem to use comparisons that defy logic.

Compare nation to nation or people to people, but please, do not insult my intelligence by comparing the action of a nation with the attributes of people that apply a Christian principle as Gandhi to a heathen criminal Capone, who, if baptized, apparently did not care or understand the purpose or meaning and was totally ignorant of Biblical doctrine. Christianity does not give Christianity a bad name. People give Christianity a bad name.

Phil Snider
Martinsburg, W.Va.

Deer in a rut

To the editor:

I want to thank Randy Breeden for responding to my letter of Jan 12, "Insurance for a cervine following." It would have been nice if he had bothered to read it first. But that aside, nowhere in my letter did I say that "the Department of Natural Resources should foot the bill" for damage done by deer.

What I said was that DNR should require deer to be insured and if they (the deer) couldn't afford it then honorable and noble animal rights people should form an equally honorable and noble animal responsibilities group to collect the needed funds. I still think that is a good idea. Sports persons already pay plenty in licenses and fees and are law-abiding folks engaged in a perfectly legal activity.

May I also suggest that while it is true that many deer-related accidents do occur during hunting season, hunting and hunters are seldom the cause? It just so happens that parts of hunting season correspond with rut. And during rut sex-crazed and promiscuous cervine (I like that word) are subject to unpredictable and erratic behavior.

The deer are running on pure adrenaline all right, but not from bullets - they can't run that fast. The bucks are chasing the does and, maybe, now and then, the doe chase the bucks with only one thing on their minds - if you catch my drift.

Besides, I polled my hunting friends and to a person they assured me that their prey do not run out of the woods into cars. They are dragged out of the woods and put in the back of pickup trucks.

And, just between you and me, I rather like the sound of, "the Edward James Bill" if you still want to push for it, as corrected. Maybe we could just add "for animal responsibilities." And, you're welcome!

Edward L. James

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