Letters to the editor

February 01, 2004

Shelve the Maryland cabinet

To the editor:

Maryland, My Maryland! Heaven help its residents. The politicians and cabinet members have not seen a tax they do not like.

It isn't enough to place a heavy tax on gasoline and motor vehicles, now they are suggesting tolls on the several miles of Interstate 81 between Pennsylvania and Maryland. This is only the beginning folks.

It will eventually lead to tolls onall of the interstate highways in the State of Maryland! Where in the world did the Governor find some of the people he appointed to his cabinet? I am referring to Secretary of Transportation Robert L. Flanagan and Secretary of Public Safety Mary Ann Saar.


Secretary Flanagan is seeking new ways to tax citizens of Maryland and Secretary Saar wants to make halfway houses of our prison system. It is bad enough to want to add additional taxes for the use of our highways, but to downgrade our public safety the way Secretary Saar plans to do is unacceptable.

Prisons began for one purpose and one purpose only. Punishment was the sole purpose and it should revert back to that philosophy. Let's get social workers out of our prison system.

To want to replace correctional officers with teachers and social workers is insane.

Teachers and social workers were available to these people before they committed the crime. The fact that they are incarcerated is the result of their chosen behavior. Good behavior should be rewarded those outside of the prison system.

I urge all of my elected officials, including the governor, to end Secretary Saar's appointment and revoke "Project RESTART."

Ned Renner

Tax cuts work

To the editor:

There seems to be a handful of people who continually shed crocodile tears and write in to the editor complaining about George W. Bush. This handful of people continue to rant and rave about how George W. is tearing this country apart.

I agree with the actions of President George W. Bush. I voted for the man, and I happen to respect him for standing up for this country when the U.N. failed to do its job. The President didn't have the luxury of a crystal ball. The actions that the president took after Sept. 11, 2001, and continues to take, are for the safety of this country.

I was at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, after the plane was flown into the building. I am a firefighter for the District of Columbia Fire Department. I witnessed the death and devastation caused by the anti-Americans. Two weeks later I, along with fellow firefighters from D.C., traveled to New York City to visit our brother firefighters, and to attend funerals to pay respect to a few of the 343 FDNY firefighters who gave their lives.

I stood at Ground Zero trying to comprehend the devastation that had taken place. Unimaginable! No words could do justice to this surreal scene.

For eight long years the past president of The United States did nothing to make this country safe. We had to stand back and watched as the scandals unraveled. We watched the military get downsized. We watched the president redefine what a "Sex Act" was and was't, and dance around the truth as he did. When it came to character, morals or honesty, that was out the window.

This president stands for what The United States once stood for. President George W. Bush has what the last president was lacking: Direction, character, morals, guts and the leadership ability to do what needs to be done to keep us safe, and to move this country forward.

The President's tax relief plan is working, the economy got that much-needed jump start, and the United States is a safer place today.

Terry Reynolds

Free Mary Beth

To the editor:

Please let Mary Beth Wolford out. Yes, she needs lots of help, but Maryland should not hide Mary Beth because she has a body that works differently.

In the front page photo of your newspaper, I can see Mary Beth's face saying she loves being with her parents. But Mary Beth's parents say they are afraid to have her in your places. Her parents love her so they think hiding her from your world is best.

When told that Mary Beth can be cared for in her community, Mr. Pitcher the lobbyist says that "anyone can be placed on the moon." When we give families of people with developmental disabilities little and low-paid help, they get so scared that they do hide their loved ones on the moon rather than trust us Marylanders with their care.

We people with developmental disabilities are real people who are worth lots. Some people think we should be rejected and sent to live in one place where you won't need to know us or help us.

Please let us be with you so that we can teach you about real beauty and grace and perfection of spirit, which will outlive your normal bodies.

Please let Mary Beth enjoy Maryland with good care and support. It is expensive and dangerous to hide her away on the moon.

A friend with autism, who types to speak.

Sarah Stup

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