Mail Call

January 31, 2004

"I want to thank Jason May on Lincoln Avenue for shoveling out everyone's car and sidewalks. From a very appreciate neighbor."

"I want to thank my neighbor Claudia Grimm for doing the shoveling and cleaning off the vehicles. She is truly a snow angel."

"I have quite a few Christmas cards that I just went through and want to do away with. If anyone would like to have them to do whatever with, put your number in Mail Call and I will get in touch with you."

"I just read a letter to the editor talking about the drug issues to put animals to sleep. Maybe a vet could respond because I don't think this type of drug is what most vets use in this area."


"Sincere thanks to Keedysville good neighbors Roger Webb and Brian Smith. After heavy storms, they come out early with their garden tractors clearing sidewalks and side streets of snow. Roger even clears our wide driveways so our cars can move. We very much appreciate such wonderful help."

"I want to thank Donnie Bowers, who lives on South Potomac Street, for being a snow angel by cleaning our sidewalks and all around our house. We really appreciate it. Thanks."

"I just read where the commissioners are going to hire someone and pay them $20,000 to study this thing for cable TV. I think it's dumb. They hire people at top dollar to figure out stuff. What happened to all the people they have now that are already getting a big salary? All they do is sit back and twiddle their thumbs, then they hire someone else to do their work. I think they need to change their policy."

"I am calling because of the person who said they lost their bike during the Christmas holidays. Leave your name and number in Mail Call and I will call you. If you can describe it, it's yours. If not, we are going to dispose of it."

"I want to thank my snow angel, Dave Dagenhart on South Mulberry Street, for shoveling us out. From your neighbors."

"I want to thank my neighbor Tom Thompson on Sunrise Drive and his sidekick for cleaning out my bus, cleaning out my driveway and around my mailbox. With all this snow, he was always there to get me out. This is from a very thankful neighbor."

"I want to thank Bentley Wade Straley for shoveling my sidewalk, my porch and my car out every time it snows. He is my grandson and we are very proud of him. We thank him, from his Mee Maw and Pap Pap. Thanks."

"There is something I could never understand. If we have a boys and girls club in Hagers-town, why do the girls need a special club of their own on West Washington Street in the West End? I saw in the paper where they were both granted a lot of money. It seems to me if the boys don't have a special club for themselves, why do the girls need one? I also read where the city is thinking about those cable TV bills being raised $3 to $5 more a month. If they get this franchise agreement, let them pay for it. The people in Hagerstown who are on a fixed income can't afford this raise every month, especially the seniors."

"Hey there, Antietam Cable users: Hold on to your pocketbooks, looks like the commissioners are going to get us again. I don't know where they are getting these people who are coming up with these crazy ideas. Get real here."

"If the city's budget is so strapped for snow removal, I would like to know why there was a city backhoe on Spruce Street, the 1,000 block, cleaning private parking spaces of two people on that block. They weren't cleaning the entire block. If that is my tax dollars, I want it back."

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