Mail Call

January 30, 2004

"I am calling because I am a mother of two Washington County students. I was wondering why the Board of Education can't let parents know the night before when school is going to be closed. All the other counties close schools in two other counties the night before and Washington County waits until that morning. How are parents supposed to arrange daycare?"

"A special thank you to Jim Winters for clearing the snow on your neighbors' walks on Guilford Avenue. You have really given us a lot of help and we are so grateful. You are one of the best neighbors we have ever had. Thanks for a job so very well done."

"I see our Republican-owned and controlled oil companies have raised our gas prices again. It is $1.65 a gallon now for the cheapest."

"Feb. 2 is Groundhog Day and a family of a very special little groundhog, whose name is Danielle, who lives on Fairplay Road, is having a birthday. She will be 10 years old. We are so proud of her."


"Hagerstown now officially has the fine distinction of doing the worst job of plowing the snow and salting the streets in all the years I have lived here and that is 30 years now. Where are the snow plows and when I do see one, the plows are up. Why aren't they down plowing the streets? The landlords aren't doing enough to keep their properties clear. They need to hire extra help. Stop shoving the money in your pocket and start clearing off your properties so people can walk. The snow is enough to depress everyone, but the city makes it worse when the town doesn't do its part to keep the streets and the sidewalks safe."

"To the guy in the blue car on Sunday at the Dual Highway AC&T, we all saw you drive off without paying for that gas and laughing about it. We all turned your tag number in, we hope it cost you more than a tank of gas."

"One of the most interesting columns in The Herald-Mail is 'Around Jonathan Street' by Alesia Parson, she is a great writer. Everyone should read about the wonderful life they enjoy in that area of our city. Keep up the good work."

"I can't understand why on Wednesday, Jan. 28, they have a full day of Head Start in Washington County, but no public schools. Aren't they all in the same school system?"

"Are there any options in Hagerstown for an elderly person whose only income is Social Security to get some kind of assisted living?"

"I think people of Washington County in the nonprofit organizations are very charitable in what they do at Christmas with providing toys and clothes for children. But I happen to know that some families get from every agency and their children get much more than the hard working middle class people can afford to give their children. I think some of this charity should go to the elderly instead."

"While reading the paper the other day, I read where a person had a problem with motor scooters at Cross Creek. I checked on this and it seems that the police can't do anything about this. I think the police should have the power to do something. Recently on South Locust Street going toward Baltimore and Locust Street, came whipping down the street with enough noise to awaken the dead and pulling two skateboarders behind him. If one of those kids slid into a car, they probably would have tried to sue the driver of the car. Don't blame the police, blame the city council because they always look the other way."

"In regards to someone in Mail Call and they said they found a wedding ring. Well my husband, Victor, lost his wedding ring and wanted me to call and leave his number at work, 301-790-5669 or our home number 301-797-0863."

"I lost a silver colored watch with Y-Me emblem on the face of it. The watch isn't worth very much, but meant a lot to me since I am a cancer survivor. I lost it on Jan. 10 somewhere between Giant Eagle and St. Maria Goretti's Chapel. If you found it, call Mail Call and I will call you back."

"In response to the mail call who said the woman can identify the bike if I leave my number. I specified that if you leave your number in Mail Call, I will call you, and if you identify the bike, it's yours."

"My name is Laura and I lost my cell phone a few weeks ago. It's a camera phone, it's silver and has no antenna. Call me if you think this is mine, either way, call me and let me know, 301-791-5787. Thanks."

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