As expected, Chambersburg transit board members resigns

January 28, 2004|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Three of the six members of the Chambersburg Transit Authority board of directors Monday night announced their resignations as part of a recovery plan for the cash-strapped bus system.

Each said they want to be considered for re-appointment and one wanted to know if the borough is committed to the public transportation system.

At the transit authority's Jan. 19 meeting, most of the board members said they intended to resign, one of the recommendations of the five-year recovery plan to pay off approximately $1 million in debt that has accrued in the past six years.


"I would like to know how each member of Council, and the Mayor, feels about the need for public transportation in Chambersburg, and the surrounding Townships," Director Wade Burkholder wrote in his letter of resignation.

Burkholder wrote that he has attended several council meetings, but has little idea about how some of it members feel about the 12-year-old system.

"Others, I believe, would like for CTA to just go away ... thus not having to deal with it any more," he wrote.

"I feel that I am a qualified and worthy member of the current CTA Board," Burkholder wrote.

Authority President James Jenkins said the board has worked hard to try and keep the bus system rolling.

Sam Kuhn, the authority's vice president, said he has been a driver or board member for 12 years and would welcome the chance to serve if the council chose not to accept his resignation or reappointed him at a later date.

The council accepted the resignations without comment. The resignations are to take effect 60 days from Monday's council meeting.

At last week's authority meeting, only one member present, Bill Grove of Chambersburg, indicated he did not think he should resign. Grove said he was not appointed to the board until late last year and wanted to continue serving.

The board of directors has nine seats but three are vacant, with no representatives for Waynesboro, Pa., or Washington and Hamilton townships.

The recovery plan recommends the authority board be reformed. It also recommends operations of the system be turned over to a subcontractor with some experience in running a bus system and outlines budgets for the next five years to repay federal, state and local debts.

Last year, the board cut service from seven daily routes to one to cut expenses. The bus system was later cut to three days in Chambersburg.

In November, the board voted to re-establish service in Waynesboro two days a week.

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