Mail Call

January 27, 2004

"Why is it that the smokers think it's all right to throw their butts on the ground and their empty wrappers and matches on the ground? Don't you know that is littering?"

"I want to thank The Daily Mail for running Charley Reese's column. He has a real good column in there about terrorism and once again he is right on the money. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than you do of getting killed by a terrorist. It's just a waste of taxpayers money and a big bunch of baloney."

"I want to know what to do about a principal who wanted to keep a little 6-year-old boy after school because he went to the bathroom and his hand slipped and got some toilet paper wet. I think this is pretty bad to punish a little boy like this because the janitor didn't want to clean the mess up. Deal with it, he was just a little boy."


"I think it's sad when my little boy says a prayer before he eats at school and there is a little boy that goes and tells on him for praying. I think we need to stop this and I think it's great for kids to do this. We aren't forcing his beliefs on anyone but he just wants to thank God for what he has given him."

"The smokers at Washington County Hospital don't bother me. What bothers me is that someone at a hospital would still be smoking, even when they are sick."

"Can someone put in Mail Call the address to have the president send an elderly person who will be 80 years a birthday card. They would like to receive a card from the president."

"With all the code enforcement rules that the city of Hagerstown has in effect, the one I see abused the most is the snow and ice abuse. I am glad to see the city is finally fighting the violators and protecting the people, such as our postmen and so forth."

"I am calling about people letting their dogs out in this cold weather. This is ignorant and I don't see why someone would want to have a dog just to leave it out in this cold. Maybe you should sleep out in the dog box one night and see how long you last."

"Here is a great recipe for molded cranberry Waldorf salad. Two envelopes or two tablespoons plain gelatin, one half cup cold water or use juice. Two and two thirds cups of chilled cranberry, 100 percent juice or cocktail. One cup chopped, unpeeled red apple. One half cup chopped celery, one half cup chopped walnuts, three ounces of cream cheese, cut into one half inch cubes. Soak gelatin in water for five minutes, heat on low until gelatin dissolves completely. Check to see if any crystals remain. Stir several spoonfuls of cranberry juice into gelatin mixture, one at a time. Then pour gelatin mixture into remaining juice, in a large bowl. Refrigerate, stirring often, until mixture mounts lightly when dropped from a spoon. Fold in remaining ingredients. Turn into six cup mold or serving bowl and refrigerate until set."

"How can our president dabble in space when we have sons and daughters fighting and dying in another country? Our blood is being wasted on unappreciative help. A war is a very costly thing, especially when our president is begging money to help pay for his father's vendetta against Saddam. We can't throw money away on space until the war is over and we are at peace."

"What is the latest on the Dunkin Donuts on Dual Highway? Also, with Sears being gone at the Long Meadow shopping center, is there any plans to put a department store there for the people who live in that area?"

"What is the city going to be fined for leaving their roads icy last week?"

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