Mail Call

January 24, 2004

"Why is the president campaigning for re-election? If his record is this poor, then he shouldn't be re-elected."

"Concerning the SPCA picking up animals. That's good, but the only thing with that is, the owners don't go pick them up because they don't even know that they did. Could we start a TV program, like once every two weeks, maybe an hour a day, show all the animals that they picked up and where?"

"I want to take a moment to recognize a few of the nurses who cared for my grandmother during her hospital stay. I witnessed the most friendly, caring and compassionate staff on the 23 hour unit. I was very pleased with the undivided attention that my grandmother received from Shirley and Pam during her stay. I just wanted to express my sincere thanks. It is nurses like you that give Washington County Hospital a good name."


"Is there an organization called Children's Special Events of Washington County? It's an organization for enriching the lives of homeless and underprivileged children. I recently received a phone call from this organization for a donation and I have never heard of it. I requested their number and I called this number and it was disconnected. I would like to get more information before I decide to pledge money to this organization. Call Mail Call if anyone has information about this organization."

"I am not one to call Mail Call but I saw in the paper where you can purchase reprints of black and white photos by Herald Mail photographers. There is a picture, labeled 'Drops of Patriotism.' It's just a piece of glass with drops of water on it, it's not patriotic. You can almost make out what might be a U.S. flag. It is just a piece of glass with drops of water on it. I am tired of people trying to capitalize on patriotism."

"I am a senior citizen on a limited income and I am trying to find an organization or a lawyer that specializes in grandparents' rights or visitation rights. If anyone knows, put it in the paper and let me know."

"About the paper carrier, did he get your gift? You may want to ask him. A carrier in Clear Spring has more than 100 drops, he didn't get one gift, what happened? I handed my gift to Greg, he thanked me personally. Don't put money in your mailbox at any time. Thanks, Mail Call."

"I want to thank the person who found my Mastercard and Wal-Mart credit card at Sam's Club last weekend. They turned it in to the office, the office called me and now it is back in my possession. Thanks for being so honest."

"I would like to know if anyone knows anything about Smithsburg High School Class Reunion for 1969, when, where or if they are having one?"

"I am currently a job seeker and I am wondering why is it that a lot of these ads say apply in person. When you call a few of these places, they say they want to see what the person looks like. Why are they basing what we look like? Let's go back to the old fashioned way, you advertise, a person calls and as long as they have the experience, you say you are hired. Why do they have to know what you look like? That is discrimination."

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