Mail Call

January 22, 2004

"I would like to respond to the nonprofit victim. My family has also been victimized by the same group. However, we received newsletters stating that it was none of our concern on how the money or where the money was used. It is sad that there are adults that use our children to make money. It makes me wonder if there is something this group is trying to hide."

"I'd like to make a comment on charging a toll on the 12-mile stretch of Interstate 81. I think our government should sit back and take another look at this because I can just picture all this traffic going onto U.S. 11 north and south. I can also see it on the Maugans Avenue section when Mack Trucks lets out of work and all that traffic headed for U.S. 11. Our governor should get his head out of the sand and come on up here and look things over before he wants to do such a thing like this. I'd just love to debate this with him."


"I am the newspaper carrier for Cedar Lawn and the McDade Road area and I want to make sure that I did not forget to thank all my customers for the gifts and the help that they have given me in the past year. May God bless you all and I hope you have another healthy year. I normally thank all my customers by writing a thank you note on the paper so if I forgot you, I'm sorry."

"I have been watching and reading the news items on the Michael Jackson case and it's disgusting. He is making a three-ring circus out of our court system. Something should be done to return our courts back to respectability."

"I would like to thank The Herald-Mail for doing such a great job of reporting all the thefts in the South End of Hagerstown. Maybe all the stealing would have stopped by now if we the people would have known what was going on. Thanks for not reporting the police reports. Thank you again."

"Why all the fuss about Pete Rose lying and being denied entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame? President Clinton lied under oath and never received any punishment."

"Please, please let the Washington County Hospital employees alone. If you don't like the smoke, go to another hospital or just stay at home and do your thing alone."

"Are there any options in Hagerstown for an elderly person whose only income is Social Security to get some kind of assisted living? Please leave an answer in Mail Call."

"I am sorry to hear about the Williamsport Legion baseball team folding up and I am also sorry to hear that the American Legion coach says that it's a good thing for Washington County in a around-about way because they will be able to get a stronger all-star team. I thought the name of the game in Legion ball was to have a place for kids to play ball and not just a certain few."

"I am calling in reference to the lady who I encountered on Monday afternoon at the grocery store. Again, you are one of the rudest and inconsiderate people I have ever come across. The world doesn't owe you. We talk about our teenage children. I have two teenage children who have more respect and consideration for people than what you do."

"I keep hearing about Bush wanting to send people to the moon and Mars. I have a better idea, let's put Bush and all his staff on the moon and let them find those weapons of mass destruction. I bet that is where Saddam hid them."

"Found on Jan. 19 in the a.m. at the HealthWorks parking lot on Downsville Pike, a ladies watch. Please call to identify, 301-223-8399."

"I read in Mail Call about the person who was in Cross Creek and was having trouble with the scooters. If you are talking about the electric and gas powered scooters, I am having the same problems, too. They come right off the bike path and right into the street without stopping. They ride up and down the street, they don't stop for cars, they don't pull over. They are not allowed to be in the middle of the street and they must have helmets on. They have to be 16 to pour gas into the container of the scooter. I wish the police would do something about this in Cross Creek. The parents don't watch their children. They seem like they don't care. They are going to get hit and get hurt if something isn't done."

"I am curious if any agency over the holidays gave some the residents on Pinehill Drive a bag of fruit? Did you give them a toy globe like a beach ball, because all of these things are now lying outside on the ground rotting away."

"The City of Hagerstown really needs another parking garage, when the one they have is never full. I think it's time for the city, state and county to become one. Then maybe the people of Hagers-town won't be taxed to death."

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