Mail Call

January 21, 2004

"Sauerkraut and pork is a Pennsylvania Dutch custom. Pork symbolizes looking forward on the logic that fowls scratch backwards, but pigs root forward. It also could have something to do with identity. In Civil War days, when the first Pennsylvania regiments reached Virginia, the natives called them sauerkraut Yankees. Pennsylvanians may not have liked it at the time, Yankee was a derogatory term to the Dutchmen as well as in the Virginians' vocabulary, but they are proud of it today."

"I am a widow and I was wondering if there is a widow or widowers group in the Boonsboro, Hagerstown or Sharpsburg area that get together."

"There was a middle-aged lady speeding through the North End of town last Friday in a Park Avenue vehicle. Why do people have to be in such a hurry when the speed limit in that area is only around 35 mph? She displayed rudeness and danger. Use common sense, people. Slow down and be careful, especially in inclement weather. Leave earlier, so you don't kill someone."


"My dog is outside too during the day and you know what, so am I. I am out there working outside all day, so If I can stay out there all day, so can my dog."

"This is Robert from Robert's Repair Center calling in reference to a Mail Call in my behalf from a few weeks ago. One of my customers was trying to find out if I was still alive. They said they used to bring their car to me and was wondering where I went. I shut the business down due to lack of business and health issues. At this point in time Robert's Repair Center is not open anywhere. But if you keep your eye on Mail Call in the future, maybe I will open things back up on a part-time basis somewhere. Thanks to all my clients that stuck with me through all the tough times."

"If your name is Harry, Tracey, Ryan, Lea or Cody, I have something that belongs to you. It is your holiday trash that is lined all along Oak Ridge Drive. We try to keep our neighborhood clean, so come pick it up."

"Thanks to the lady on East Antietam Street and Sharpsburg who saw the children breaking into the house being repaired on that street and called the police and reported it. We need more people in town to watch the children around the town. Thanks again, Donna."

"Saturday, Jan. 17, I was coming out of the CVS parking lot on Pennsylvania Avenue and I found a cell phone in the snow pile right across from the Chinese restaurant. If you put your name and number in Mail Call I will call you. If you describe the phone, I will see that you get it back."

"I am calling about a found cat in the East Avenue area. It is part Siamese white with gray spots. It has beautiful blue eyes, red collar with a bell. Looks like it may be pregnant. I have had this stray cat in my home out of the cold for about four days now. Call me at 301-992-6476."

"I lost my wallet in or around the library. To the person who took it: I would hope that you would have the decency to return the cards and license to the city police department. I hope you enjoy spending the money and I hope you feel a little bit guilty."

"There is a man who lives on Pinesville Road who will not keep his ponies or his livestock inside during this cold weather. They run amuck all over the road and the SPCA will not do anything about it. It is the ponies that don't have shelter at night."

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