Mail Call

January 20, 2004

"President Bush's plan to go to the moon and Mars is all political. He only wants the people in California, Texas and Florida to vote for him."

"To the person who had their mailbox run over on Broadfording Road. I am sorry to hear that. But count your blessings, I know someone who lost a beautiful dog on Broadfording Road. The guy ran right over the middle of her and didn't even bother to stop."

"The Washington County Hospital claims that they are a smoke-free facility. However, think about this, nobody can enter or exit the hospital without being forced to walk through the Washington County Hospital's staff designated smoking places. Which happens to be at every entry point of the facility. Visitors, patients and other community members who have to enter the hospital's smoke-free facility, have to be exposed to secondhand smoke. Make your facility a true smoke-free campus and designate an enclosed courtyard or the back side of your hospital for your smoking visitors and smoking staff, so we don't have to hold our breath to enter the hospital."


"In regards to the F&M Bank in Boonsboro. Janet is a good teller, but as well as professionalism, Derek and Tina do very well and are very loyal to their customers and I think they should also be recognized. I have been their customer for about four years now and they do a great job."

"I found a man's wedding band on New Year's Day. If you lost one, leave your name and number and I will call you."

"As a 64-year-old resident of Washington County, I am concerned about the loss of trees in and around our community. Years ago, the street I live on was lined from end to end with trees. Now there might be four or five left. Trees are beautiful in the summer for shade and in the winter they protect from the wind. Animals that live and nest in trees don't have a place to go. Wake up, government."

"I want to thank Kathy for a job well done. Way to go, Kathy, you are the best."

"Roscoe is at it again. It's election time again and he has to be involved in anything that will get his name and picture in the paper."

"To the person who wrote in Mail Call about the so-called nonprofit organization that your child was involved in. Thanks for putting that in because we were also involved in that organization and were taken for our money. They need to pull their children out of this organization. Don't be afraid parents to ask where your money goes when you enroll them in an organization like this one."

"In Thursday's paper there was an item in there that they want aircraft technicians. They want people for maintenance, why do you have to be an aircraft technician with experience to do maintenance work? Can someone answer that?"

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