Mail Call

January 17, 2004

"I live in the 500 block of West Howard Street and we have a long haired gray male neutered cat named Butchie. He is known throughout the neighborhood and he is missing. If you have any information, call us at 301-790-3771."

"I want to respond to the lady who was complaining about the Salvation Army that was donating hygiene products to inmates. My hat's off to them because I know people who are in prison and it's costly for them, especially if they don't have family. So thanks to the Salvation Army."

"To the person who saw the dog tied up outside all day long. If you didn't call the SPCA, you are as guilty as the person who left him outside in the cold all day. Call the SPCA and report the animal being neglected. The SPCA does care, they will check on it."

"Last summer the paper ran an article about a local man who was missing. I never saw any follow-up in the paper and I was wondering if anyone knew of his whereabouts? Did he return home, did they find him, or is he still missing in action? I am a distant friend of the family and I was just wondering what happened. Please put a follow-up in the paper."


"Our local legislators have to do everything they can to keep the governor from putting tolls on I-81. You can look at any shopping center or anywhere in Hagerstown and you will see a lot of cars from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We have people in Maryland working in those two states and we have people in those two states that work in Maryland. It would be a disaster to everyone. Let the city bite the bullet, so we can keep the good reputation that we have and the good working relationship we have with these two states. If you do anything this session, make sure this toll doesn't go through."

"I am reading Wednesday's Mail Call and I too commend the correctional staff for their professionalism in meeting with the state delegates. Not only do the inmates get paid to go to school, the teachers who teach there make good money, plus all state benefits for only seeing inmates for about 25 hours a week. That is where the money is being wasted."

"Thanks to the man on Cearfoss Pike who found my grandson's wallet last week at the Washington County Landfill. He called so he could return it. It still had all the money in it. Thanks so much."

"I was wondering what happened to Hagerstown's fire chief. I keep reading in the paper about an acting chief."

"How can a rational-thinking person compare the legal use of a car wash with an illegal dumping of a toxic waste that will end up in our rivers and streams and the bay?"

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