Mail Call

January 15, 2004

"I was at Valley Mall this past Friday evening. I was confronted by a very disrespectful youth showing off. Before you call in and give an excuse that teens need some place to go on Friday nights, they need to be taught some manners and respect for the other shopping customers. Security was very helpful but limited on how they could handle this."

"My husband delivers water and on his route he sees things that shock him. Children at Sharpsburg schools going out of doors to outdoor classrooms wearing no coats in this cold weather. Dogs left outside in the cold on Lappans Road. What is the matter with people, where is their humanity and where is the teacher's responsibility for those children?"

"There was a man, a minister, on Saturday, Jan. 10, wore a baseball cap and it said, 'God is my boss.' He was in the Martin's on Pennsylvania Avenue. I just wanted to say that he was a very nice man to talk to. I didn't get to ask what church he was from because I am currently looking for a new church. He seemed like he would be a very nice minister."


"Parents, beware, my child was recently involved with a so-called nonprofit organization. We were continuously asked to raise money, only to find out that the money we worked so hard for was mis-used and unaccounted for. This organization is still operating in our area. Parents, just remember, you have the right to know where your hard-earned money is going. Don't be afraid to ask."

"I was at the meeting at South High with the local delegates and senators on Saturday about state issues. I was impressed with the professionalism showed by the correctional staff there. The lady that stated that the incarcerated inmates were paid to go to school, hit her statement right on the mark. Her statement was, 'If the state of Maryland would only grant to our children the same programs that we do our incarcerated, the prison population would take care of itself.' God bless you all for not one of you mentioned money."

"As of Saturday, Jan. 10, our grandson Scott received his permanent driver's license. We congratulate you for a job well done. Happy and safe driving to you."

"I guess I will vote for Wesley Clark. He said he would get rid of the public advertising for pharmaceuticals. That sure will save health dollars and I am sick of hearing them over and over. The purple pill called Nexium is one of them I am tired of hearing."

"I want to congratulate the Williamsport High School girls JV basketball team for a job well done Friday night against Brunswick High School. Good job."

"Before anyone gets too excited and thinks that George Bush has been proved right. They found chemical weapons in Iraq. They were from the Iraq/Iran war that ended more than 15 years ago. The shells are deteriorating and are of no use. Also, we gave Iraq intelligence about Iran during the war and helped provide them with chemical agents so they could use them against their own people. What other use would they have for chemical agents? So don't believe Bush next week when he tells us that they found weapons of mass destruction, it's all a lie, just like the war."

"There was a news special on the other day on what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches. I can't believe that people don't know what to do when an emergency vehicle is coming. When I pull off the right side of the road, if you see someone doing that, you don't run into them just to get out of the way of the ambulance. Start paying attention when you are driving, then you won't tailgate people and not being able to pull over when an emergency vehicle approaches."

"It was a cold weekend, what kind of person would take an older dog and tie it up outside all day? It is now 5 p.m. in the evening and the dog is still out in the cold wind and certainly not out in the sun. You should start thinking about taking care of your animals or not have them."

"I thought it was a mistake in the Sunday paper, but I see it's this way again. Sure don't like the new format for the Mini Page not being separate. I used to be able to just pull it out and give it to my grandchildren and they could do it while I was reading the paper. What is going on with the Mini Page?"

"During the Christmas holidays someone hid a bike on my property. I don't know who it belongs to, but if you had one stolen, leave your name and number in Mail Call. If you can identify it, then it is yours, otherwise, we are just going to dispose of it."

"I want to thank the gentleman on Weber Way in Orchard Hills for finding my wallet. It was very nice of you and very kind. I just wanted to let you know that we found all the papers that fell out of the wallet. Thanks again."

- Hagerstown

"I saw at least 10 to 12 robins in my backyard on Monday, Jan. 12. Spring has sprung."

- Halfway

"To the County Commissioners and the School Board. I see crossing guards having a lot of trouble with some of the children. I think they should have cell phones or something."

"Thanks to Philip, who found my wallet that was lost for several months and made a special trip to return it to me. Thanks very much."

"I would like to thank the person who found my debit card at Robinwood and turned it in to Suite 205. I really appreciate it and I thank you very much."

"A few months ago there was a Mail Call in the paper about a woman who collects old crayons and coffee cans for kids that need bigger crayons to use because she melts them down. If you could leave your number again, I have been saving them since. I have a bunch of them to give you, but you have to leave your number again."

"I read in Mail Call not to forget your paper carrier and letter carrier at Christmas time. Well, I put $20 in an envelope for each of them. I put the newspaper carrier's in the box he puts the paper in. The other envelope I put in the regular mailbox. I didn't get a thank-you card from either one. That's the last time."

- Sharpsburg Pike

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