Blast from the past

January 14, 2004

Week of Jan. 11, 1954

As of Jan. 1 there were 19,820 Democrats and 15,207 Republicans on the voting registration roles of Washington County. In addition, there were 362 registered declined, seven Socialists, six Prohibitionists and one Unionist for a total of 35,403. Of the total, 34,854 were white and 546 colored.

This year, 1954, is the big year for the Pangborn Corporation. In September, the local blast cleaning and dust control machinery manufacturing company will celebrate its golden anniversary.

Thomas W. Pangborn, president, founded the corporation on the first day of that month in 1904 and moved the company to its present site in Hagerstown in 1912.

Does Mrs. Cora B. Bowers, 341 South St., hold the record for the number of sons who have served their country?


After Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O. Trumpower, West Side Avenue, reported that their seventh son had entered the service, Mrs. Bowers revealed that nine of her boys have been in the armed forces. One, Robert, is still in the U.S. Navy, serving aboard the Missouri.

Week of Jan. 11, 1979

The Washington County Commissioners agreed Tuesday to buy the Hagerstown Regional Airport outright from the city. What they couldn't agree on is what to offer the city for the property. A proposal to offer $25,000 was dismissed as "probably too low."

The problem with the County Commuter bus system, according to Commissioner Ron Bowers, is that citizens don't know how to use it.

"We're not educating our people about a very fine system that we have," Bowers said. "Many people don't understand the bus schedules or even where the buses go."

While Judge John Corderman's decision to block a liquor license for the proposed Rumors disco on Virginian Avenue may prevent dancing there, the music goes on at Hagerstown's YMCA, where a disco dancing class began this week.

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