Slots could be session's hot topic

January 11, 2004|by LAURA ERNDE
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In addition, the committee will review new electronic voting machines being rolled out statewide this year, Myers said.

The session also will feature battles over several controversial social issues, lawmakers said.

There will be bills to continue a ban on assault weapons and to put stricter controls on abortion clinics.

Local lawmakers will pursue their own bills as well.

Sen. Alex X. Mooney, R-Frederick/Washington, is considering a right-to-carry gun bill along with legislation to create a database of stolen cars.

Mooney, whose own car was stolen, said the database would allow people to look up suspicious vehicles.

McKee has pre-filed a bill to lock in tuition rates at the University System of Maryland for the duration of a four- or five-year undergraduate program.


The legislation would allow families to better budget for the expense of college, he said.

Myers, who did not submit any legislation in his first year in office last year, said he was considering legislation concerning vehicle emissions.

"I'm tired of sitting back and smiling," Myers said.

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